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Introduction:Shaoxing city is located in the central-northern part of Zhejiang Province, and south of the Qiantang river mouth, linking Ningbo to the east, Taizhou and Jinghua to the south, and Hangz..

Districts: Haining Hangzhou Anji Cixi Deqing Dongyang Fenhua Fuyang Haiyan Huangyan Huzhou Jiashan Jiaxin Jinhua Lanxi Linan Linhai Lishui Longyou Ningbo

Attractions: Green Vine Study East Lake Yinshan Mausoleum Lu Xun Memorial Hall Xianheng Restaurant Hall of Shaoxing Shiye Baicao Garden Baizhangfeipu Lunxun Residence Resort Zhouenlai Residence House

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Shaoxin Introduction

Shaoxing city is located in the central-northern part of Zhejiang Province, and south of the Qiantang river mouth, linking Ningbo to the east, Taizhou and Jinghua to the south, and Hangzhou to the west, facing Jiaxing to the north crossing the Qiantang River. The city is located in the meeting point of three kinds of geographic configurations namely mountainous and hilly area of west and east Zhejiang and the plain of north Zhejiang, forming a geomorphology of surrounding mountains, basins in the center and concentrated plains. The terrain is in form of the Chinese character SAN which means mountain. The west is Longmen Mountain, Kuaiji Mountain is in the middle, and Siming-Tiantai Mountain in the east and southeast. Located between the mountains are Xinsheng Basin of Caoe River, Sanjie-Zhangzhen Basin, and Zhuji Basin of Puyang River. The terrain tilts from southwest to northeast, the average altitude is about 5 meters in the Shaoyu Plain in the north, while the average altitude of the main ranges of the four mountains in the south reaches 500 meters and above. In general, the geomorphology of the city can be summarized as four mountains, three basins, two rivers and o­ne plain. The distance from the east to the west is 130 kilometers, and the wide from the south to the north is 116 kilometers, the total area is 7901 square kilometers, in which hills and mountains occupy 66.07%, basins 16.48%, and plains 17.45%. The area of farm land by the end of 1997 is 167.45 thousand hectares.

Shaoxin Traffic

Shaoxing is o­nly 30 km away to Xiaoshan International Airport of Hangzhou. Tickets from Hangzhou to other places are available in the Ticket Center of Tonglian Civil Aviation, the address is No. 35, southern Jiefang Road, Shaoxing and the telephone number is 0575-5111382.

The Xiaoyong Railway traverses the city, 50 minutes to Hangzhou to its west and 1 hour and 40 minutes to Ningbo to its east. All the trains departing from Ningbo stop in Shaoxing Station. You can reserve train tickets from Hangzhou or Shanghai to various places of China in Shaoxing; the telephone number is 0575-8017925.

There are 5 long-distance bus stations in Shaoxing, including the Passenger transportation Center and Eastern, Western, Southern and Northern Stations. At the Eastern Bus Station of Hangzhou, you can buy normal ticket for 10RMB and take a visit of Keyan o­n the halfway or take the bus of high speed for 18RMB, which is nonstop during its way to the long-distance passenger center of Shaoxing.

Local Transport
There are over 20 bus lines in the urban area of Shaoxing. Among them, buses departing from the railway station include Bus No. 1 (to East Lake), 2 (to Da Yu Mausoleum and Incensory Peak), 4 (to Limushan) and 14 (to Yunxi); No. 7 and 10 go in a circle around the urban area, the beginning price generally costing 1RMB and the through o­ne 2RMB, with a longer intervening time and earlier finishing time however. To outskirts (various towns and villages of Shaoxing County), you can take the middle bus at the Southern Bus Station or Northern Bus Station, which stand in the south and north of Shaoxing respectively.

The beginning price is 5RMB within 3 km, above which it will cost 2.2RMB/ km. Since the city is not large, you can reach anywhere by taxi within the beginning price. However, it is relatively expensive to take taxi to visit attractions in the suburb; for example, it costs about 35RMB from urban area to Keyan.

Generally speaking, the beginning price is 2RMB, and it costs 4RMB for about 3 km, which is a bit cheaper than taking taxi. Most tricycle men are honesty, asking the same price to local people and outlanders.

Wu Peng Boat
The price is 40RMB/half hour, which can be reduced to 30RMB through bargaining. You can charter the boat at the river inside the gate of Keyan Scenic Spot or Keqiao Wharf of Keqiao Town.

Shaoxin Festivals

The Orchid Pavilion Calligraphy Festival
Time: o­n 3rd March in Lunar, lasting o­ne month
Place: The Orchid Pavilion, Shaoxing
Festival Brief Introduction: It is an alligraphy activity for memorizing the "Orchid Pavilion Preface" of calligrapher Wang Xizhi in those years. The activities mainly include calling o­n sadu, Zigzaging Water Flowing with Cups of Wine, alligraphy show and so o­n

Memorial Ceremony for Yu the Great
Time: The last ten-day of April
Place: The Mausoleum of Yu the Great, Shaoxing
Festival Brief Introduction: Yu is a water-control hero of china. Later generations sacrifice Yu and develop the water-control sprit of Yu

Roaring Mountain Peachblossom Festival
Time:The last ten-day of March.
Place: Houshan Mountain, Shaoxing
Festival Brief Introduction: In the time of peach blossom ablooming, you can enjoy a lot of fun.

Shaoxin Service Telephones

Shaoxing tourism quality complaints Tel: 0575-85223031
Shaoxing County Tourism Bureau Inquiry Tel: 0575-84366529
Shaoxing Zhuji tourist service centre Tel: 0575-87106777, 87283725
Shaoxing Zhuji Wuxie Scenic Area Tel: 0575-87773688
Shaoxing Zhuji Tangjiang Rock Scenic Area Tel: 0575-87548083
Shaoxing Zhuji Douyan Scenic Area Tel: 0575-87052773
Shaoxing Zhuji Xishi Former Residence Scenic Area Tel: 0575-87106782 Shaoxing Zhuji tourism complaints Tel: 87378990
Shangyu Shaoxing Tourism Bureau Tel: 0575-82166284
Fax: 0575-82166287
The tourism business in Shaoxing City, Tel: 0575-88317047
Shaoxing Shengzhou Tourism Bureau Tel: 0575-83185118 Fax: 0575-83103068

Shaoxin Hotels

  • chengshizhixing inn

    chengshizhixing inn

    Two-star or Less Shaoxin Zhaocheng Price:-

    ---Hotel has a well-equipped guest rooms and entertainment facilities, leisure is the ideal place to stay.

  • Margaret Hotel

    Margaret Hotel

    Preparatory Three-star Shaoxin Zhaocheng Price:-

    Located in the center of Margaret Shopping Center, the Margaret Hotel (Magelite Jiudian) is the first apartment-style hotel in Shaoxing.It provides comfortable guestrooms as well as moder..

  • Yeahoo Hotel

    Yeahoo Hotel

    Three-star Shaoxin Shaoxing Price:-

    The Yeahoo Hotel (Yahao Dajiudian) is located in the business area of Shaoxing, boasting elegant decoration, delicious food and business services.

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