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Introduction:Suining City, next to Nanchong City in the east, connecting Deyang City in the west, bounded to Chongqing in the south, and near Mianyang City in the north, is called Suizhou in old days..

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Suining Introduction

Suining City, next to Nanchong City in the east, connecting Deyang City in the west, bounded to Chongqing in the south, and near Mianyang City in the north, is called Suizhou in old days, nicknamed as Dou CitySuining City, established in February, 1985, covering an area of 5300 square kilometers, governs Chuanshan District, Anju District, Pengxi County, Shehong County, and Daying County today. Suining had 266,100 residents in 2001. Lanjiang is a suburb of Suining.
  Suining City, situated in the middle of the Sichuan Pendi and along the middle reaches of Fu River, with a rather favorable location where its economy associates closely with the Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle, forms an isometric triangle relationship with Chongqing Municipality and Chengdu City, in which Chongqing Municipality is 146 kilometers away in the south while Chengdu City is 147 kilometers away in the west.
  Suining City, with a long history that it has been the entitled as the capital of Jun, state, government, prefecture, or county since Dongjin Dynasty, has been entitled as “Dongchuan Big City”, “important town in Chuanzhong”, and “ little Chengdu” because of its importance as the center of politics, economy, and culture of Chuanhzhong all the time.
The industry of Suining, based o­n textile, food, chemical industry, and machinery, has taken shape, for example, the 5 listed companies including Sichuan Tuopai, Star Power, Sichuan Meifeng, Sichuan Jinhua, Huafang Yinhua have established an international reputation. Suining City, whose business is prosperous with a potential market, has been the largest distribution center of goods and materials in Chuanzhong area.

Suining Traffic

Suining railway station is located at the junction of dacheng railway and suiyu railway. It oprates lines to Chengdu, Chongqing, Shanghai, Wuchang, Dongwan ,wangzhou and so o­n.
In suining urban you can go to the railway station by public bus 5,8,16,17.
Long—distance Passenger Station
Central Bus Station of Suining City
Address: Nanjin Road, Suining City, Sichuan Province
Telephone: 0825—2620716
Chengbei Bus Station of Suining City
Address: Suizhou South Road, Chuanshan District, Suining City, Sichuan Province
Telephone: 0825—2226586
Chengnan Passenger Station of Suining City
Telephone: 0825—2620662
Bus Station of Pengxi County, Sichuan Province
Address: Jiefang Road, Chicheng Town, Pengxi County, Suining City, Sichuan Province
Telephone: 0825—5428081

Suining Festivals

Laba festival: o­n lunar december 8 , people cook poridge with rice, peanuts, bacon, carrots,lily,soybeans and lotus seeds . the porridge is called laba rice, it is a kind of  heathy food for us.

Guanyin xiang fair: o­n annual guanyin buddha’s birthday (Feb 19), monk day (Sep 19), Dedao day (June 19), people in suining always held a grand guanyin buddha xiang fair festival. it is a popular traditional folk festivals.

Suining Service Telephones

China Telecom phone number inquiry:114
China Telecom customer service hotline 10000
Suining City Tourism Bureau 0825-2312078
Daying County Tourism Bureau 0825-7822383
Peng Xi county investment Tourism Bureau 0825-5420483
Shehong County Foreign Affairs and Overseas Chinese Affairs Tourism Bureau 0825-6623085
Chuangshan district Tourism Bureau 0825-5801633
ANJU District Tourism Bureau home 0825-8663366
Daying county government 0825-7855555
Lingquan Scenic Area 0825-2911131
Pengxi Chicheng Lake Scenic Area 0825-5399666
Song Ci Museum 0825-5809048
Jinhua Mountain scenic area 0825-6631955
Pinganzhai  Forest Park 0825-6981644

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