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Introduction:Taizhou lies in the center of Jiangsu Province, lower reaches of the Huaihe River. It is bordered by Yangzhou in the west, and separated from Suzhou and Wuxi by the YangtzeRiver in the s..

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Taizhou Introduction

Taizhou lies in the center of Jiangsu Province, lower reaches of the Huaihe River. It is bordered by Yangzhou in the west, and separated from Suzhou and Wuxi by the YangtzeRiver in the south. The land area of the city covers 9411 square kilometers, sea area covers 80,000 square kilometers, with a population of 5.46 million. The urban area of the city covers 1536 square kilometers with a population of 1.4 million.
It was named as Haiyang before the Han Dynasty (206BC-24AD) established Hailing County in 117BC. Together with ancient Yangzhou and Nanjing, it had been famous nationwide as o­ne of most prosperous cities in old days. In the Southern Tang (937-975), prefecture was set up here called Taizhou, meaning that the country is prosperous and the people living in peace.
Except o­ne massif standing along in the Jingjiang City, the rest is vast fluvial plain formed by the Huaihe River and the Yangtze River. Generally, the terrain of Taizhou is higher in the center and slopes downward to the north and the south. Taizhou enjoys a subtropical humid monsoon climate with clear four seasons and abundant rainfall. Winter is dry and chilly and summer is torrid and damp. Every May to July is the plum rain period, so the weather is overcast and rainy. Spring is the best time to Taizhou.
The Scenic Spots in Taizhou are as follows :
Qinhu Lake Scenic Area: Not o­nly a wetland eco-tour scenic spot for Milu, but also a holiday resort for water landscape, Qinhu Lake boasts fine scenery and humanistic resources. The ancient water town of Qintong and the boating festival make up the highlights of the scenic area.
Mei Lanfang Memorial Museum: The museum is a combination of exhibition hall for the historical materials of Mei Lanfang and the Mei Lanfang Garden to commemorate this excellent art master of Beijing Opera. The museum contains old buildings of Ming and Qing dynasties and the layout is like the garden in South China.
Shangfang Temple: Floating o­n the water of Wujindang Scenic Area, the temple is the largest water Buddhist resort in China that rebuilt in modern time. 

Taizhou Traffic

Yong-Tai-Wen Railway (Taizhou-Wenzhou) is 282.42 kilometers long and goes through the Three Gates County, Linhai City, Huangyan District, Luqiao District and Wenling City in Taizhou City.
Taizhou has a developed highway system and two expressways with Beijing-Shanghai Expressway and Ning-Tong Expressway meeting at the urban area of Taizhou. In the south Yancheng-Jinjiang Expressway starts from Jinjiang o­n the north bank of Yangtze River and it passes Jiangyan to the important town Yancheng of Jiangsu Province.
There are three long-distance bus stations in Taizhou
The East Bus Station is o­n the N0.62, Nantong Road and there are city regular buses to Jiangyan and all the towns and counties under its administration.  Inquire Number: 6222320
In the West Bus Station and South Bus Station, there are city buses mainly go to Taixing city, Xinghua city, Jingjiang city and partial towns and counties under their administration, and the south lines to Shanghai, Nanjing, Changzhou, Yangzhou and Beijing etc.
The basic price of the taxi is 5 Yuan, and they will not charge you within 4 kilometers but will charge 20% fee for the renting price per kilometer when you go to places more than 4 kilometers.
Public Buses:
Taizhou is made up of three separate districts which is Jiaojiang, Huangyan and Luqiao and the distance between them is about 14-17 kilometers. The number of the public buses which begins with “1” belongs to Jiaojiang District and with “2” is the buses in Huangyan District and with “3” is in Luqiao District, No.109 Public buses go around the urban area of Taizhou including the three districts and the whole journey will be 48 kilometers long.
Service Number of Taizhou Passenger Transport Terminal: 0576-8310912
Service Number of Taizhou Passenger South Buses Station: 0576-9600011
Service Number of Taizhou Passenger West Buses Station: 0576-4017061

Taizhou Festivals

Culture and Art Festival: September 25 - October 5
Jinling Lantern Festival: o­n the Spring Festival in every year
Taihu Lake Arts Festival: lunar April
Taihu Lake Mid-Autumn festival: lunar August 14 - August 15
Silk Tourism Festival: in September of Every year
Yushan Chongyang climb Festival: lunar September 9

Qintong Huichuang Festival: Qingming Festival
Changzhou Chrysanthemum Festival: November 1 - November 5
folk art festival: in  October every two years

Taizhou Service Telephones

Taizhou City tourist complaints Tel :0523-6839295

Jiangsu Provincial Tourism complaints Tel :86-25-83418185

Taizhou City consumer complaint hotline :0523-12315

Taizhou Hotels

  • the Xinghua water Cheng Hotel
  • Kaitai Hotel

    Kaitai Hotel

    Three-star Taizhou Hailing Price:-

    The Kaitai Hotel (Kaitai Binguan) is located at the southern Taizhou.There are more than ten Chinese and Western restaurants. The lobby bar is a good place to relax and people-watch and t..

  • Taizhou Huibinlou Yongtai Hotel

    Taizhou Huibinlou Yongtai Hotel

    Preparatory Four-star Taizhou Price:-

    The The Taizhou Huibinlou Yongtai Hotel (Yongtai Jiudian) is located in central business district. The neighborhood teems with shopping malls, bank and telecoms. Diners staying in can enj..

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