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Introduction:Tangshan is a coastal city of heavy industry,which has a history of about o­ne hundred years. Tangshan lies near the center of Bohai Bay. South of Tangshan is Bohai Sea.Tangshan abut..

Districts: Shijiazhuang Baoding Beidaihe Cangzhou Changli Chengde Fengning Handan Henshui Langfang Luanping Nandaihe Qinhuangdao Sanheshi Tangshan Xingtai Bazhou GaobeiDian QianAn Renqiu

Attractions: Tangshan Earthquake Monument Panjiakou Reservoir Xifengkou Zhaowangcheng Xifengkou Tiangui Mountain Mengjiangnu Temple Baodu Village Lizheng Gate Wooden Pagoda

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Tangshan Introduction

Tangshan is a coastal city of heavy industry,which has a history of about o­ne hundred years. Tangshan lies near the center of Bohai Bay. South of Tangshan is Bohai Sea.Tangshan abuts o­n Yanshan to the north. Qinhuangdao City is o­n the East of Tangshan. The west of Tangshan is the capital of China ,i.e.,Beijing,and Tianjin.Tangshan connected the northeast china and Huabei region. Tangshan has a total area of 13,472 square kilometers, and the population of 7.06 million. Urban area of Taangshan isabout 3,874 square kilometers, while the population is 2.95 million.
Tangshan is known as "the cradle of China's modern industry."Tangshan plays a very important role in the industrial history of china.And many NO.1 apeared here,such as, first modern coal mine, the first standard gauge railway, the first steam locomotive the first thing sanitary ceramics,and so o­n.In addion,Tangshan is rich in turism resources.The Great Wall,the emperors’ mausoleum of Qing dynasty,and the beautiful coast,attract many tourists both in and abroad to spend their holidays.

Tangshan Traffic

Transportation in Tangshan City is very convenient. There are three national railway (Datong-Qinhuangdao, Beijing-Qinhuangdao, Beijing -Kazakhstan), two local railways, three highway (Beijing-Shenyang, Tianjin Tang, Tang Hong Kong) here. Besids,the passenger liner from Jingtang Port can bring you to more than 40 countries and regions.
Buses: The nunmber of existing bus routes in Tangshan City is about 60. most of them are without conductors. The ticket prices of routesNO.8, NO.10, NO.11,  depend o­n the distance you travel .The lowest is o­ne yuan, and the highest 2.5 yuan. Bus NO.24 goes pass the rail station.
Taxis: The type of Most taxis in Tangshan City is Xiali or ordinary Santana. A starting price of five yuan / 2 km, 1.2 yuan per kilometer. Nocturnal fee (evening 22:00 to 06:00 the next day) is 1.4 yuan per kilometer.
Shipping: Tangshan City is near by Bohai Bay.So water carriage is developed. Tangshan has become an important port.a

Tangshan Festivals

Spring Festival: In the folk custom, the Spring Festival is the oldest and most solemn festival. Generally speaking, in rural areas, people begin to celebrate the Spring Festival o­n.And it last til “rice glue ball day”. Dec.23 of lunar calendar is known as "forestall spring festival" .In legend  that day is "Zaowang Ye" God days, he give reports in which good and evil of the family is detailed to the Emperor of heaven. 

Magu Festival: July 15 of lunar calendar is "Magu Festival", or  called "The Ghosts’ Day". Legend says that Magu has no brothers and sisters.In order to support her parents ,she has never married. After her ents died, she has become the elderly. She felt helpless and lonely, then o­n July 15 she jumped into a river, and died that day. Folks who considered Magu as a fealty woman, kindled candles and put the candles into river to illuminate the road for Mugu. At the same time people held a memorial ceremony for Mugu in order to express the people's miss.Also,it is a good education for the youth.

Tangshan Service Telephones

Service Station Tel : 0315-2324113
Tangshan Huochexizhan Reservations can be made o­n : 0315-7222222
Tangshan long-distance Qijuxizhan (North train station 500 metres) Tel :0315-2342966 ,0315-7211167, 7212825
Tangshan long-distance Qijunanzhan (Station Road 143), Tel : 0315-2825326
Tangshan, Hebei high passenger station Tel : 0315-2342966
Tangshan City taxi companies (in Tangshan City, South) Tel : 0315-6612787
Tangshan taxi Reservations : 0315-2312200 ,0315-2312211
Tangshan City Tourism Bureau complaints Tel : 0315-2802894
Hebei Tourism Bureau complaints Tel: 0311-85814405
Tangshan City, hospital workers (in Tangshan City, Lu Beiqu culture Road 27) Tel :0315-3722106
Tangshan City, the second hospital (in Tangshan City, North Road 21) Tel :0315-5900047
Third Tangshan City Hospital (Guye District of Tangshan City Tangjiazhuang Jinghua Road) Tel :0315-3539636
Fourth Tangshan City Hospital (in Tangshan City, Lunan Qu recruits Road South) Tel :0315-2961712
Fifth Hospital in Tangshan City (Lunan Qu Tangshan City, the new South West Road 57) Tel :0315-5907209

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