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Introduction:Tonglu County, situated o­n the Fuchun River, is under the jurisdiction of Hangzhou is the Shanghai Economic Development Zone. It is endowed with not o­nly natural beauty but also..

Districts: Haining Hangzhou Anji Cixi Deqing Dongyang Fenhua Fuyang Haiyan Huangyan Huzhou Jiashan Jiaxin Jinhua Lanxi Linan Linhai Lishui Longyou Ningbo

Attractions: Yanziling Fishing Platform Fuyang Chuiyuntongtian River Tiamuxi Stream Fuchun Peach Garden Yaolin Fairyland Tongjun Hill Daqi Mountain National Forest Park Tiantong Temple South Lake

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Tonglu Introduction

Tonglu County, situated o­n the Fuchun River, is under the jurisdiction of Hangzhou is the Shanghai Economic Development Zone. It is endowed with not o­nly natural beauty but also historic and cultural sites, which were both greatly extolled by ancient poets. Its tourist attractions ranked as national parks as early as 1983 include the Fuchun River, Tongjun Hill, Yan Ziling Angling Terrace, the Baiyunyuan Valley and Yaolin Wonderland, while the recently developed items add to the radiant splendour of Tonglu County, such as the Forest Park of Daqi, the Angling Islet in the Luci Bay, the Fuchun River Stele Garden ,the Yaolin Wonderland "Myth World" Show Palace, the "Thirty-Six Tricks" Wax House, the Tianmu Stream bamboo rafting and skin rafting, Celestial Coak Temple at Dongzhou, tenting o­n the sandy beach, picnicking at bonfires and villas in the Daqi Mountain area. At present, the scenery and tourism organization of Tonglu is renovating Daqi Monastery and developing the paradise o­n the water in the Three Gorges along the Fuchen River, the folklore garden o­n Tongjun Hill, the Villa of Yanlingwu, the log cabin and hammock area in the Daqi mountain and a big shooting range. The program of night tours o­n the Fuchun River from Hangzhou to Tonglu is in preparation, too.

Tonglu Traffic

Tonglu enjoys a very convenient transportation network of road and waterways. 320 national roads connect Hangzhou, with about an hour's drive. 05 and 16 Provincial Highway and Highways radiate in all directions form this city. It's o­nly 100kms from Hangzhou International Airport; it takes o­nly two hours drive from Shanghai-Hangzhou-Nibo to Shanghai Port and Nibo Port. Up Xinanjiang, lanxijiang and down Qiantang River and Grand Channel, it can reach Shanghai.
Taxi: The basic charge is 5 yuan within 3 kms, and 2 yuan/km for the additional mileage.

Tonglu County Bureau of Transportation Tel: 0571-64622467 Fax: 0571-64622636
Tonglu County Bus Termination Tel: 0571-64622387
Tonglu County Railway Information Tel: 0571-87622362
Tonglu County, Train Ticket Inquiry Tel: 0571-85163994

Tonglu Festivals

Spring festival: the first day of lunar new year." open the door" with firecrackers at dawn, men prepare sugar soup and changshou noodles for women. In the past time the portrait of ancestor would be hung up in the major room and the householder worship the ancestor, the younger generation hand in eggs and tea respectfully to the superior. There is also the custom in Fenshui area to invite relatives to feast. The floor are not to be swept and no knife or needles or something else with a sharp blade to be used. And then pay a New Year call the next day.

Tonglu Service Telephones

Tonglu County Tourism Bureau scenery Tel: 0571-64603072
Hangzhou Tourism complaints Tel: 0571-85171292
Zhejiang Tourism complaints Tel: 0571-85117419
National Tourism complaints Tel: 010-65275315
Tonglu Yaolin Fairyland Tourism Services Tel: 0571-4361118
Tonglu red lanterns rural homes Tourism Services Tel: 0571-64371329

Tonglu Hotels

  • WHWH (Tonglu Hotel)

    WHWH (Tonglu Hotel)

    Two-star or Less Tonglu City Center Price:-

    The WHWH (Tonglu Hotel) is located in Tonglu County's Xincheng District. Readily accessible from the hotel are a variety of scenic spots including Tongjun Shan, Daqi Shan, Yaolin fairy..

  • Tonglu Fenghuang Hotel

    Tonglu Fenghuang Hotel

    Preparatory Three-star Tonglu Price:-

    The Tonglu Fenghuang Hotel (Tonglu Fenghuang Binguan) is a holiday hotel located by the Fuchun River and Tongjun Mountain. The hotel is a ten minute walk from downtown Tonglu.Guests have ..

  • Shangfu Holiday Shanzhuang

    Shangfu Holiday Shanzhuang

    Preparatory Three-star Tonglu Qiaobei District Price:-

    The Shangfu Holiday Shanzhuang (Tonglu Shangfu Jiari Shanzhuang) is located at the foot of Fenghuang Shan in the north of Tonglu, about 80 km from Hangzhou, north of it, and 75 km f..

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