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Introduction:The coastal city of Wanning is located in the southeast of Hainan Island, 112 kilometers from the city of Sanya and 139 kilometers from Haikou, Hainan's capital. Wanning is located i..

Districts: Haikou Sanya Tongshi Wanning Lingshui Qionghai Baoting Danzhou Qiongshan Wenchang Wuzhishan

Attractions: Xinglong Hot Springs Xinglong tropical botanical garden Wenchang Chicken Qionghai Wanquan River Wanquan River Dadonghai Sanya Bay Nanshan Temple Dongjiao Coconut Groove Hele Crab

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Wanning Introduction

The coastal city of Wanning is located in the southeast of Hainan Island, 112 kilometers from the city of Sanya and 139 kilometers from Haikou, Hainan's capital. Wanning is located in the middle of the Eastern Highway which runs north to south through Hainan. Wanning is characterized by a tropical monsoon climate, with little temperature variation. The region is usually very warm, with an average annual temperature of 24 degree Celsius. Blessed with plenty of sunshine and rainfall, Wanning is a beautiful area in Hainan. To the southeast of Wanning is Dazhou Island, 15 kilometers away from Wanning County. Covering an area of 4.36 square kilometers, Dazhou Island is made up of two smaller islands and three peaks, the highest of which is 289.3 meters high. Dazhou Island is China's o­nly production base for bird's nest, a Chinese delicacy known for its health benefits. Many varieties of flora and fauna reside o­n Dazhou Island; with its amazingly clear waters and beautiful mountain scenery, Dazhou Island is a wonderful place to visit. Dongshan Mountain Range, which rises up from the middle of Hainan Island near Wanning, is considered o­ne of Hainan's most famous sites.

Wanning Traffic

Wanning City Bus Terminal Inquiry and Complaints Tel :0898-622222
Inter-terminal in Hainan Province Tel :0898-66772791
Hainan Transportation Headquarters Tel :0898-65336632

Wanning Festivals

Junpo Festival
Junpo Festival or Military Field Festival. It is celebrated to commemorate a national heroine, Madam Xian, who helped to develop and unite a disordered and barbaric Hainan between 513 and 603 AD. She quelled the local rebellions and actively promoted the communication of Hainan Island with mainland China. She has donated all her life to the development of local agricultural and economy. The Military Field Festival remembers her with martial arts matches, puppet show, lion dancing and death defying feats like man walking o­n hot coals or piercing their cheeks with sharp metal poles. During these days, at some places, the local people will kowtow to the statures of their beloved folk heroine and carry out the demonstration in every village. Some people come to worship in the temples with cooked chicken, meat, wine, incenses and candles to pray for the new life. Of course, it is a big ban meal for all villages.

Sanyuesan Festival:
The Sanyuesan Mar. 3rd Festival was originally celebrated by the Li and Miao minority group, but has become a public holiday organized by the government. Traditionally the festival was a way for unmarried men and women to get together to celebrate life and love, but now people of all ages can join in the festivities and entertainment.

Wanning Service Telephones

Hainan Industrial and Commercial Enterprises Advisory Services: 6767976, 6767975
Hainan Provincial Tourism Association Tel: 0898-65335010 6536333365358855
Hainan's tourism advisory services centre :0898-65379799 Fax :0898-65306779

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