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Introduction:As o­ne of the counties in Jinhua, Wuyi is named as the Huaqing Hot Springs in the South of Yangtze River and the Place of China’s Organic Teas, Fluorites, and Hot Springs. It is..

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Wuyi Introduction

As o­ne of the counties in Jinhua, Wuyi is named as the Huaqing Hot Springs in the South of Yangtze River and the Place of China’s Organic Teas, Fluorites, and Hot Springs. It is located between 119°27′-119°28′East Longitude and 28°31′-29°03′North Latitude in the center of Zhejiang Province and gets near to the south rim of Yangtze Delta Economical Circle. Wuyi is crossed by Jinwen (Jinhua-Wenzhou) railway, Jinliwen (Jinhua-Lishui-Wenzhou) expressway, No. 330 national Highway and No. 44 Provicincial Road, which provide easy access to transportation. It takes 45 minutes to reach Yiwu, and the distance between Wuyi and Hangzhou, Wenzhou, and Shanghai are two hours, two hours, and four hours by bus respectively.
In recent years, based o­n the development strategy advocated by Wuyi County Committee and Wuyi Government, which is to make Wuyi an industrial, open, and ecological county, Wuyi people have taken every possible chance and strived hard to achieve a big economic stride during development. The regional economic strength jumped from the No.407 in 2000 to No.189 in 2004 o­n national ranking. It can be assured that Wuyi is now becoming the medium developed county (city) of ZhejiangProvince.
During urbanization, to create the most favorable habitation in Middle Zhejiang Province is Wuyi’s objective; the picture that three mountains extends in the city and three rivers run through the city is the blueprint for urban planning; and the acceleration of constructing an advanced production base, the boost of industrial groups such as hardware, travel and recreational products, vehicles, and automobile accessories, and the expansion of industrial scales is the guideline of Wuyi’s industrial development.
Wuyi has never been short of talents and natural resources. o­n this magic land, the open and vigorous Wuyi now is standing up with a new image to welcome people from anywhere.

Wuyi Traffic

Wuyi has formed its own traffic network. Most of the places can be reached in 15 minutes in the northeast area and o­ne hour within the whole county.

Railway: Wuyi Station is the first station o­n Jinwen(Jinhua-Wenzhou) Railway. It is 32 km away from Jinhua and is connected with many major cities in China, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, and Guangzhou.

Highway: Wuyi is seated along the Jinliwen (Jinhua –Lishui -Wenzhou) Expressway, Hangjinqu (Hangzhou –Jinhua -Quzhou) Expressway, and Huhangyong (Shanghai –Hangzhou -Ningbo) Expressway. Besides, it also has 330 National Highway and 43, 44Provincal Highways going across Wuyi. Undoubtedly, these convenient expressways and highways provide Wuyi easy access with all kinds of transportation.

Airport: Three airports, Yiwu Airport, Hangzhou Airport, and Shanghai Airport, are located in the east, west, and north, and request 45, 90, and 180 minutes respectively to arrive at from Wuyi.

Taxi: the basic charge is 5 yuan within 3 km.

Wuyi County Bus Station Inquiry: 0579-76233397623173
Wuyi County Railwey Station Inquiry: 0579-76228427625262
Wuyi County Bus Information: 0579-7627681
Wuyi County Civil Aviation outlets: 0579-7668177

Wuyi Festivals

Wuyi Hotspring Festival
Time: Every November to December
Activities: The theme of celebration is about the hotspring. Such as literature performance, skyrocket party, hotspring collectivity-wedding, forum of preserving health and so o­n.

Wuyi Service Telephones

Wuyi County Tourism Bureau Tel: 0579-7673301 Fax: 0579-7663739
Wuyi County Tourism Complaints Tel: 0579-7663739
Wuyi County Niutoushan National Forest Park Authority Tel: 0579-7663739 Fax: 0579-7669123
Wuyi County Danxia Tourism Inquiry Tel: 0579-7770609
Wuyi County Danxia Tourism Complaints Tel: 0579-7673286 Fax: 0579-7663739
Wuyi County, Taiji Xingxiang Village Tourism Tel: 0579-7779045
Wuyi County Guodong Tourism Inquiry Tel: 0579-7736439
Wuyi County Shouxian Valley Tourism Tel: 0579-7783049
Wuyi County “little Huangshan” Tourism Inquiry Tel: 0579-7889128
Wuyi County Qingfeng stockaded village Tourism Inquiry Tel: 0579-7779183
Wuyi Shier Lake Tourism Tel: 0579-7674993, 7673301

Wuyi Hotels

  • Wuyi Hopeswan Holiday Hotel

    Wuyi Hopeswan Holiday Hotel

    Preparatory Three-star Wuyi Wuyi County Price:-

    The Wuyi Hopeswan Holiday Hotel (Wuyi Hushan Jiari Jiudian) is located inside Hushan Park, a provincial level forest park.This Wuyi hotel features a Chinese classical style décor. On off..

  • Qingshuiwan Hot Spring Holiday Village

    Qingshuiwan Hot Spring Holiday Village

    Three-star Wuyi City Center Price:-

    The Qingshuiwan Hot Spring Holiday Village (Qingshuiwan Wenquan Dujiacun) is located in the Xili Hotspring Tourist and Resort Area and is surrounded by photogenic mountains on three sides.T..

  • Wuyi wishful Inn

    Wuyi wishful Inn

    Two-star or Less Wuyi Price:-

    Hotel has a well-equipped guest rooms and entertainment facilities, leisure is the ideal place to stay.---

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