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Introduction:Xiangtan City lies in the middle part of Hunan province and the middle reaches of Xiangjiang River, and it, together with Changsha and Zhuzhou, forms a golden triangle area---the most de..

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Attractions: Former Residence of Chairman Mao Tianzi Mountain Liudefang Rice Dumpling Hunan Provincial Museum Baofeng Lake Former Residence of Chairman Mao Huaminglou Badagongshan National Nature Reserve Yuanjiajie Huanglong Cave

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Xiangtan Introduction

Xiangtan City lies in the middle part of Hunan province and the middle reaches of Xiangjiang River, and it, together with Changsha and Zhuzhou, forms a golden triangle area---the most developed area of politics, economics and culture, in which the economic incorporation is being accelerated. Xiangtan City, with a population of 2.8 millon and an area of 5,016 km2 including Xiangtan County, Xiangxiang City, Shaoshan City, Yuhu District and Yuetang District, is an A open city in China. Xiangtan is the place where the sun rises,  a famous city with a long history and rich culture, the cradleland of Xiang Culture and the hometown of Xiang lotus.
Xiangtan, with beautiful landscapes, is rich in tourist resources, which takes o­n a characteristic of large quantity, of good quality, of variety, of vivid humanity and of mystery. There are more than 110 key tourist spots as well as more than 400 sights and related resources, which can be classified into 6 categories and sub-classified into 40 basic types. Shaoshan Mountain, 40 km away from the center of the city, is o­ne of the first excellent tourist cities authorized, o­ne of the first AAAA tourist zones in China, nation-wide patriotism education base and national key area of interest.
Xiangtan, with a long history, has been a key commercial center in the middle part of Hunan province since ancient times. As early as in the 17th century, it was the well-known ‘Rice City’ and ‘Medicine City’ as well. Xiangtan, with warm climate, fertile soil, rich product, is the national key product base of pigs and rice. Because of its rich product in Xiang lotus, it is called “the hometown of Xiang lotus”. Xiangtan is China’s important mechanotronics base and it has formed a supporting industry with metallurgy, mechanotronics, spinning, chemicals and building materials as its main body, which is now very competitive.
Half a century has passed, and Xiangtan has become an important industrial city in Hunan province and the biggest product base of mechanotronics, fluoride salt and ferromanganese in China. It also has a comparatively strong ability to refined chemical product. The basic facilities as transportation, communication and electric power are being improved day by day. Simultaneously, its education develops very fast. There are more than 10 colleges and technical secondary schools. Due to its advance education, Xiangxiang City and Yuhu District were ever respectively rewarded with the National Advanced Culture County and Provincial Advanced Culture District. And all the social careers are developing soundly.
Beautiful mountains and clean water and fertile land have made Xiangtan a national marketable grain base and a provincial muscle-type pig base. The grain product reaches 1000kg/mu. The rich product in Xiang lotus makes it the hometown of Xiang lotus in China, so Xiangtan is also called “Lotus City”. Xiangtan is the first well-off city in Hunan province.

Xiangtan Traffic


There is no airports in Xiangtan City. But you can take a bus to Changsha City and then take a taxi or a bus to Changsha Huanghua International Airport.
Tel of Changsha general booking office of CAAC: 0731-4119821
Tel of Changsha ticket office of CAAC (passenger transport) : 0731-4112222
Tel of Inquiring of Changsha Aviation: 0731-4449540

The railway transportation in Xiangtan City is very convenient and comfortable, because Xiangtan City lies in the middle part of Hunan province, where the Jing-guang Railway Line (from Beijing to Guangzhou) connecting the north and the south and the Xiangqin Railway Line (from Hunan province to Guizhou province) connecting the east and the west go through Xiangtan City, and where the railway connects Xiangshao Railway Station and Xiangqin Railway Line and part of Xiangqin Railway Line has been dredged electric line.

Tel of Inquiring Office of Xiangtan Railway Station: 0732-8377837
Tel of Complaining Office of Xiangtan Railway Station: 0732-8378252、2551324
 107 National Road (from Beijing to Shenzhen) and 320 National Road (from Shanghai to Kunming) intersect in Xiangtan City, and the section from Xiangtan to Changsha of the Jingzhu High Way has been finished. Now it o­nly takes 40 minutes to reach Changsha Huanghua International Airport o­n Shang-tan High way.

The passenger transport system in Xiangtan City is comparatively perfect. Every day there are buses to Changsha, Zhangjiajie, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Nanchang.

Tel of Inquiring Office of Xiangtan Bus Station: 0732-8208789 / 8208799.
Water Carriage
Xiangjiang River runs through Xiangtan. Because of the warm climate and abundant rain falls in Xiangtan, the mileage open to navigation in Xiangtan reaches to 284 km. Kiloton cargoboats can steam perennially.

Tel of Inquiring Office of Xiangtan General Water Carriage Company: 0732-8288204

Now there are 25 bus lines in Xiangtan City, which guarantees the traffic in both sides of Xiangjiang River goes smoothly. No.25 bus is equipped with air conditioning and the ticket price is ¥2 yuan. No.2, No.3, No.9, No.21, No.23, No.105, No.108 are charged by sections and the ticket price of other buses is all ¥1 yuan and the passengers throw the money into the box themselves.

Tel of Xiangtan City Bus Station: 0732-8224766
  You can take a taxi in Xiangtan City. The starting price is ¥4 yuan, then ¥1.6 yuan /km.

Xiangtan Festivals

Firebrand festival
The firebrand festival is a traditional festival for bai ehtnic miniority which takes place o­n June 24 according to the lunar calendar. For the occasion, cattle and sheep are slain for ancestor worship. In some areas, people also worship Tuzhu (god of the earth). They invite each other to feasts and eat meat together. The Firebrand Festival usually lasts three days. The first day is designated for the family reunion, while the last two days are for wrestling, horse races, bull fighting, boating, push-and-pull games, etc. The large fire evening party is held at the end and lasts all night long.

Chinese water house water festival
Chinese water house water festival is a  major activity launched o­n Hunan tourism festival this year. The scenic area is over 170 square kilometres and the water area is over 40 square kilometres. It is a tour pearl which is inlaid Hunan.  Tourists can go here to enjoy the graceful charm of water.

Dragon Boat race  in Xiangtan(Double Fifth)
This is a traditional festival in the country, which falls o­n the fifth day of May depending o­n the Chinese lunar calendar. Different places have their own celebration activities. In xiangtan, the famous Dragon Boat Contest is the dragon boat race held o­n the banks of the lian River. people begin preparations up to o­ne month before the event. People, from all over the city, come to watch the magnificent performance. Competitors chosen are strong young men and they row at full speed to the vigorous drumbeats in order to reach the finish line. The cheers of the excited crowds echo under the blue sky.

Xiangtan Service Telephones

Xiangtan City Tourism Bureau complaints Tel :0732-8256304
Xiangtan city tourism quality supervision and management
Code: 0732
Tel :0732-5685640
Hunan Provincial Tourism Quality Supervision and management:
Complaints Tel: (0731) 4717614
Fax: (0731) 4720348
Address:Tuanjie Road, Wulipai, Changsha ,Hunan
Zip Code: 410001

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