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Introduction:Xingtai City lies in the south of Hebei Province,which have a total area of 12,486 square kilometers, and a total population of 6.7 million in 2003 (of which the urban population 500,00..

Districts: Shijiazhuang Baoding Beidaihe Cangzhou Changli Chengde Fengning Handan Henshui Langfang Luanping Nandaihe Qinhuangdao Sanheshi Tangshan Xingtai Bazhou GaobeiDian QianAn Renqiu

Attractions: Xiangtangshan Grottoes Ancient Great Wall Jiaoshan Mountain Ruyi Islet The Great Bodhisattva at Zhengding Mansion Zhaowangcheng Xuebu Bridge Qinhuangqiuxian Ruhaikou Frog Stone Xumifushou Temple

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Xingtai Introduction

Xingtai City lies in the south of Hebei Province,which have a total area of 12,486 square kilometers, and a total population of 6.7 million in 2003 (of which the urban population 500,000). There are two county-level cities, 15 counties and two districts, 173 townships offices, 5,212 administrative villages in the region of Xingtai.
Xingtai has many famous sites of scene. The Kaiyuan Temple,which lies in the urban area of Xingtai , was built in the first year of Kaiyuan period in the Tang Dynasty(AD713). Another famous architecture, Qingfengdian was built in the Ming Dynasty. Guo Shoujing Memorial Hall comemorate a acient scientist of GuoShoujing,who lived in the Yuan Dynasty .

Xingtai Traffic

Aviation: Xingtai airport is called Xingtai Dalian airport. It is the o­nly airport located in the southern part of Hebei Province. Xingtai airport is used for both military and civilian, and it has been renovated in the 1990s.The Xingtai airport leads to the major cities of flights.
Xingtai civil aviation booking Tel :0319-2621971

Railway: Beijing-Kowloon, Jing-Guang Railroad ,goes though Xingtai.It can take you to most areas of southeast China and central of China.
Xingtai Station Tel :0319-7308022

Bus: Xingtai City, the existing five bus companies, under the Xingtai Bus Company, operating 28. The majority of bus routes are non-conductor buses.The fares of buses is 1 yuan, Routes No 1,2,3,4,17,30, and other road are leading to the railway station,
Xingtai bus monitoring complaints telephone :0319-3677376

Taxis: Taxis types in Xingtai City: Xiali, antelope, General Santana, Fukang, and so o­n. 
The starting price of five yuan / 2 km, 1.2 yuan per kilometer, nocturnal fee (evening 22:00 to 06:00 the next day) to 1.4 yuan per kilometer.

Xingtai Festivals

In august 2005, Xingtai City held the first China-Xingtai Tianhe Mountain "Qixi" Cultural Festival. Cowherd and fairy’s beautiful love legends has been spreaded for thousands of years. As the "Qixi" Cultural town, in the arrival of the Tanabata, Xingtai hold the couple drifting, Qixi cultural seminars, and other means to meet the Chinese "Valentine's Day" to arrive.

Xingtai Service Telephones

Xingtai tourism complaints Tel :0319-5212007
Xingtai civil aviation booking Tel :0319-2621971
Xingtai Station Information Office Tel :0319-7308022
Xingtai station booking telephone :0319-7610777
Taxi complaint phone :0319-3156403
Xingtai Coach Station Tel :0319-3098224
Xingtai City bus service hotline :0319-3677977
Xingtai City Bus complaints Tel :0319-3677376

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  • Dongfanghong Hotel

    Dongfanghong Hotel

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    The Xin Guang Hotel offers a variety of cozy guestrooms and is located on South Gangtie Road, near the Xingtai Railway Station. The restaurant comprises a number of private dining rooms in..

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