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Introduction:Xuchang City has a long history and locates in the central part of Henan Province. It is o­ne of the important birthplaces of Chinese nation and an inspiring place producing outstandi..

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Xuchang Introduction

Xuchang City has a long history and locates in the central part of Henan Province. It is o­ne of the important birthplaces of Chinese nation and an inspiring place producing outstanding people. the city of Xuchang has under its jurisdiction 2 boroughs, 3 counties and 1 district. She covers an area of 4,996 square kilometers with a population of 4.5 million.
In ancient time, people of Xuyou Tribe lived and multiplied o­n this land, so it was named as “Xu”. In the eighth century BC, Zhou Dynasty established State Xu o­n this land and appointed Wenshu as the governor. In the year 221 AD, Emperor Wei Wen (Cao Pi) overthrew the Han dynasty and established Wei Empire in Xu County and renamed it as Xuchang City, which is still been used today.
Xuchang City has rich traveling resources, among which relics of Three Kingdoms Period (especially Han Dynasty and State Wei) are most famous. The tourist attractions include the Site of the Ancient Xuchang City, Baling Bridge where Guan Yu accepted Cao Cao’s present (a warrior gown) with a long sword while o­n the horseback, Spring and Autumn Pavilion where Guan Yu stayed up late to study, Deer Hunting Platform of Cao Cao, Military Exercise Field of Cao Cao, Platform of Abdication where Emperor Xiandi of Han Dynasty abdicated the throne to Cao Pi (the son of Cao Cao), Tomb of Huatuo ( a ancient famous doctor), Gujun Platform where Xia Qi (the second emperor of Xia Dynasty) informed the public that the royal authority  would o­nly be handed down to his own offspring, Suo Jiao Well where Emperor Yu chained a dragon under the bottom, Homesick Platform of Guanying (a famous person of West Han Dynasty, and so o­n.

Xuchang Traffic

There is not airport in Xuchang so far. Tourists can draw support from Xinzheng airport or Changdian airport.
Located in the central part of Henan Province, Xuchang is 80 km away from Zhengzhou in the north. It’s very convenient for you to take plane, since Xuchang is o­nly 50 km away from Zhengzhou International Airport. Everyday, from 6:00 to 18:00, it has a bus sent to Zhengzhou every ten minutes. Zhengzhou International Airport has 19 national airlines, and o­ne international airline with scheduled flights from Zhengzhou to Hong Kong.
Nowadays, 60 railway lines pass by Xuchang. In urban district, you can take Bus No. 168 to the railway station. Besides, Bus No. 169 and Bus No. 103 can transfer you between the bus stations and the railway station.
Long-distance Bus Stations
Xuchang has six long-distance bus stations, namely South, West, East Center, and North Bus Stations of Xuchang City, and Luxury Bus Station. The Luxury Bus Station used to send buses from public squares, but it has improved facilities. North Bus Station of Xuchang is operated by Wan Li Transportation Group.
Center Bus Station of Xuchang City: It is the first choice of tourists since it has a good administrative system and offers both ordinary buses and luxury buses to other cities in the province.
South Bus Station of Xuchang: In urban district, you can take Bus No. 106, 109 and 7 to the station. Close to the railway station and with a relatively complete system of bus lines, it is an important place for tourists to reach and leave Xuchang.
Public Buses
The urban district has 22 bus lines. The buses run from 7:00 to 18:00 in winter and spring, and from 6:00 until 19:30 in summer and fall. Xuchang has two public transport companies, Jietong Public Transport Company and Oriental Transport Company. The bus routes of the former are short but cover the whole urban district.
The starting fare of taxi is 4 yuan for the first 2 kilometres.

Xuchang Festivals

Pile pagoda o­n Mid-Autumn day
Time : o­n the annual Mid-Autumn Festival
Introduction of activities: o­n this day, children always pile up a seven floors pagoda with bricks. They hang up colourful veilings in front of the pagoda, and put a table o­n which there are fruits ,cakes used for scrificing the Moon God in front of the pagoda.in the night, chrildren will light the candles in and outside the pagoda, they play in front of it .
Swing the wood Dagon larntern
Time :on annual Lantern Night
Introduction : people make the latern with bamboo and colorful paper. They light two candles in each section of the dagon , the length of each section is about 2 metres. There are hundreds of connected sections in a dagon. o­n Latern night, people swing the wood dagon lantern through the trails in the villages and towns , like the migation of a dragon.

Xuchang Service Telephones

Xuchang tourist complaints Tel :0374-2965850
Mayor hotline :0374-12345
Railway Station Inquiries :0374-66963361
Bus Station Inquiries :0374-68353222
Aviation Information :0374-68510055-168
Air Express :0374-6593542868510455

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