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Introduction:Located o­n the western edge of Sichuan Basin, the transitional zone between Chengdu Plain and Qinghai-Xizang Plateau, Yaan City was called Yazhou Prefecture in ancient China. Coverin..

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Ya'an Introduction

Located o­n the western edge of Sichuan Basin, the transitional zone between Chengdu Plain and Qinghai-Xizang Plateau, Yaan City was called Yazhou Prefecture in ancient China. Covering an area of 15.3 thousand square meters with a population of 1.47milloin, Yaan City governs the city proper and seven counties: Tianquan County, Lushan County, Baoxing County, Yingjing County, Hanyuan County and Shimian County.
 As a cultural city with a long history, Yaan was a territory of “the Prefecture of Yazhou” and then part of “Kingdom of Black-Dressed Qiang People”. As o­ne of the silk production areas in ancient South China, Yaan was a regime capital of prefectures and circuits of the past dynasties. There are two national forest parks, six provincial scenic and historic interest areas, o­ne provincial forest park, o­ne national nature reserve, o­ne provincial nature reserve, and two regional scenic and historical interest areas in Yaan City.
 As the world- famous hometown of giant pandas, Yaan is place where the first panda was discovered. The number and density of the giant pandas in Yaan rank the 1st over the world. After the founding of People’s Republic of China, Yaan offered the country 120 giant pandas, 16 of which were presented to 16 countries as gifts: the Soviet Union, America, the UK, France, Japan, North Korea, New Zealand and etc .The government has established a nature reserve in Baoxing County, which become a paradise for over 200 rare animals including giant pandas, snub-nosed monkeys, antelopes, and white-lipped deer to inhabit and multiply.
  The nature’s superlative craftsmanship not o­nly created Yaan which lies between Chengdu Plain and Tibetan Plateau and is as beautiful as a potted landscape, but also the miraculous creature-----the giant pandas. At the highest altitude of 5356 meters and the lowest altitude of 1580 meters, the Jjajin mountain range in Yaan City is the living and breeding dense area of giant pandas, which is bidding to list its giant panda habitat as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Since Jiajin Mountain is located in the subtropical monsoon mountain climate zone, the areas at high elevation are full of rows of glacial trough valleys and cirques. Small and big rivers run through the areas at low elevation, which forms a well-developed river system with Qingyi River, the mainstream of Dadu River, as the center. There are 429 wild vertebrates and 3000 vascular plants. So Jiajin Mountain  is called“Natural Gene Pool of Biology”and “Museum of Plants and Animals”.
Yaan City is the transportation, economic and cultural center of Yaan Region. With No.318 national highway and Cheng–Ya Expressway running through the city, it is a gateway towards Tibet and the o­nly way from Chengdu City to Panzhihua City, Xichang City, Ganzi Prefecture and Yunnan Province. Yaan is also a hub of communication connecting many scenic and historical interest areas such as Mt. Mengshan, Bifengxia Valley, Fengtong Village, Jiajin Mountain, Hailuo Ravine, Linjiushan Mountain, Hailuo Valley, Paoma Mountain and etc.

Ya'an Traffic

Besides Wusihe Railway Station in Hanyuan County, there are no trains running through Yaan City. And it takes tourists six or seven hours to get to Yaan City proper from Hanyuan County by bus. So tourists are not recommended to travel by train.
Yaan has a very convenient traffic with No.317and No.318 national highways o­n Sichuan-Tibet line, No.108 national highway o­n Sichuan-Yunnan-Tibet Route, Cheng-Ya Expressway and Cheng-Le Expressway. There are three bus stations in Yaan City: Yaan Bus Station at Tingjin Crossing, Yaan Tourist Bus Station (the former Yaan South Bus Station) and West Bus Station.
Public Traffic
There are six bus routes in the downtown of Yaan City. At present, all buses in Yaan City are automated collection o­nes which charge 1 yuan per person uniformly

Ya'an Festivals

Torch festival
the Torch festival is the grandest traditional festival, held o­n the 24th day of the lunar month of June. It is held to celebrate the victory of a rebellion against a tyrannical landlord. It lasts for three days, where families assemble together and hold rich and colourful activities. Wearing the traditional Yi clothes, the Yi people enjoy themselves with wrestling, horse racing, bull fighting, tug-of-wars and so o­n. When night comes, large bonfires are lit, with people sitting around, singing and dancing for the whole night.
Monlam, the Great Prayer Festival, falls o­n the fourth up to the eleventh day of the first Tibetan month. The event was established in 1049 by Tsong Khapa, the founder of the Dalai Lama and the Panchen Lama's order. It is the grandest religious festival in Tibet. Religious dances are performed and thousands of monks gather for chanting before the Jokhang Temple. Examinations taking form of sutra debates for the Geshe degree, the highest degree in Buddhist theology, are also held. Pilgrims crowd to listen to the sermons while others give religious donations.
The Butter Lamp Festival, Chunga Choepa in Tibetan, falls o­n the fifteenth day of the first Tibetan month. The event was also established by Tsong Khapa to celebrate the victory of Sakyamuni against heretics in a religious debate. Giant butter and Tsampa sculptures varying in forms of auspicious symbols and figures are displayed o­n Barkhor. People keep singing and dancing throughout the festive night.
On the fifteenth day of the fourth Tibetan month is Saka Dawa Festival. The day is believed to be the time when Sakyamuni was born; stepped into Buddhahood, and attained nirvana. Tibetans believe that a merit is an accumulation of a myriad of merits from previous days, months or years. People refrain from killing animals by liberating them and abstain from eating meats. Sutra chanting, prayer turning, Cham dancing and other religious activities dominate the occasion. Offering sacrifices to the female deity enshrined in the temple o­n the islet of the Dragon King Pond, boating in the pond and picnicking add more to the festive mood.
Shoton Festival, also known as the Yoghurt Festival, begins o­n the thirtieth day of the sixth Tibetan month. The origin of the festival started from the 17th century when pilgrims served yoghurt to the monks who stopped for their summer retreat. Years later, Tibetan opera performances were added to the event to amuse monks in monasteries. During the festival, giant Thangkas of the Buddha are unveiled in Drepung Monastery while Tibetan opera troupes perform at Norbulingka.

Ya'an Service Telephones

Ya'an City Hospital where telephone 120
Ya'an City Hospital Branch 2862001
Ya'an City, hospital first aid telephone 2862063
Ya'an City People's Hospital call
(Original Yucheng District Hospital) 2633666
No. 37 Army hospital out-patient emergency telephone 2619308
No. 37 Army hospital Duty Room 2619500
Hang Bo Hospital 2625555
Ya'an City, health and epidemic prevention station telephone 2222723
Yucheng District health and epidemic prevention station telephone 2243708
Ya'an City, maternal and child health care hospital emergency telephone 2224472
Consumer complaint hotline, 12315
Quality complaints hotline, 12365
Price complaints hotline, 12358
Legal services hotline 12348
Environmental complaints hotline, 12369

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