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Introduction: Yangjiang is an uprising city by the South China Sea.It is based o­n the hill at the back and overlooking the South China Sea. It is born with excellent natural conditions. su..

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Yangjiang Introduction

 Yangjiang is an uprising city by the South China Sea.
It is based o­n the hill at the back and overlooking the South China Sea. It is born with excellent natural conditions. such as its pleasant climate. Abundant natural outcomes and traffic facility Besides, it has a unique culture and tradition and is honored the titles of China excellent tourist city. Hometown of Knife and Scissor,Hometown of Kite and Star City for Public Undertakings.The Discovery of Dushizai Cave indicates that Yangjiang has a long history and the human social activity o­n this land can dates back to the Paceoanthoropic Age.
        Its upgrading into a city in 1988 was followed by its jurisdiction over Yangdong County ,Yangxi County and Jiangcheng District and its establishment of the economic development experimental zone, high-tech zone and Gangqiao Adminstraion Zone in Hailing Island,as well as its governing Yangchun city as an acting administrative organ. At present, the whole city covers 7,813 square kilometers and has a population of 2.6 million.It is under the guide of Deng Xiaoping's Theory and important principle of"Three Represents"that Yangjiang is striving for construct into a modern coastal city focusing o­n tourism and light industry.

Yangjiang Traffic

Yangjiang has a civil aviation airport in Heshan, which has opened helicopter flight courses from Yangjiang to Guangzhou and Zhuhai, etc.
Heshan Airport
Address: Yangjiang of Guangdong Province, China
Phone call: 86-662-6365823

The San-Mao(Sanshui─Maoming) Railway runs through the city from the east to the west and the Yang-Yang(Yangchun Railway Station─Yangjiang Harbor) Railway is under construction.
Yangjiang Railway Station contact call:0662-7739212

Yangjiang Railway Station
Address:Jinshan Road of Yangjiang City
Phone call:3169999

 Yangjiang Passenger and Goods Transportation Coach Station 
Address:North Shiwan Road of Yangjiang City Phone call:3429168

Yangjiang Zhapo Coach Station
Address:Dongfeng Road
Phone call:3887706

 Sea Transportation:
The Yangjiang Harbor is a first-class open port in our country. It boasts two ten thousand tonnage berths and is navigable to Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Macao, etc.

Local Transport
There are now route 7 buses in the urban areas of Yangjiang.

The fare of taxis is 4 yuan prior to the trip and 0.4 yuan for each additional kilometer.

Yangjiang Festivals

 Flying kites is a long-lasting custom of Yangjiang people. It has a history of over 1.400 years. When he Double Ninth Festival comes, the whole community of Yangjiang people turns out for flying kites, picnic or drinking wine. In an area of 5 kilometers, numerous colorful kites compete beauty with each other in the sky, creating a sea of happiness in the sky and o­n the ground. Since 1986, Yangjiang kite team has won more than 60 gold medals in national and internation eompetitions.Ganoderma Lucidum kite is appraised as o­ne of the Top Ten Extremes in world and Yangjiang Huge Dragon has made frequent shows abroad. In 1993, Yangjiang was granted the title of Hometown of kite in China by China National Sports Committee.

Yangjiang Service Telephones

Yangjiang Tourism Bureau Tel :0662-34185440662-3361261
Yangjiang Quality Supervision Bureau hotline:12365
Yangjiang environmental reporting telephone:12369 Yangjiang City Power supply service hotline:95598
Yangjiang Yangchun City Tourism Bureau Services Tel: 0662-7735179
Yangjiang Yangxi County Tourism Bureau Services Tel: 0662-5553859
Yangjiang Yangdong Tourism Services Tel: 0662-6611536

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