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Introduction:The city is located 60 kilometres from Wuxi o­n the western bank of Taihu Lake. It is criss-crossed by small canals with ponds and lakes dotted around them. Underground lies a fascin..

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Attractions: Yixing Ceramics Museum Bamboo Sea Scenic Area Linggu Cave Xishi Cave Xubeihong Memorial Muli cave Zhanggong Cave Shanjuan Cave Yunv Lake Baohua Mountain

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Yixing Introduction

The city is located 60 kilometres from Wuxi o­n the western bank of Taihu Lake. It is criss-crossed by small canals with ponds and lakes dotted around them. Underground lies a fascinating world of more than 50 caves.
The most famous three are the Zhanggong Cave, Linggu Cave and Shanjuan Cave. If you go to Zhuling Village twenty-five kilometers southwest of Yixing, don‘t fail to visit the Karst cave in Luoyang Hill; it is called the "first historical site south of the Yangtze River." This five thousand-square-meter cave has four layers, the lowest being an underground water way. The lower and water layers are the most fascinating of the four. The narrow lower cave, which contains a waterfall, is linked with the 120-meter-long water cave, where tourists can row along the winding underground stream. Some of the stalactites in the cave are seven meters long.

The capital of China is Beijing. But there are two more Chinese capitals worth knowing about. o­ne is Jingdezhen in Jiangxi, the "capital of porcelain"; the other is Yixing in Jiangsu, the "capital of pottery". In American Yixing expert Richard Notkin's words, Yixing is the "sculptural center of the world". Local pottery production has a history of more than 3,000 years, longer than local recorded history. During the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644AD), the industry saw its heyday. But there's been something of a revival recently and alongside Chinese support for the national pottery center, large amounts of products are now exported overseas.It enjoys high reputation both in and overseas for its famous title of  the ancient pottery capital, the world of caves, oasis of tea and the sea of bamboo forest.rum,trade forum,business opportunity,Business China,Business India,Brazil business.

A group of new tourist attractions that serve culture, tourism and recreational purposes have been completed, for instance, theShanjuan Cave, the heaven of peace-Park of Bamboo Forest, the Forest Park, Jiubin Scenery Zone and Yi Garden.www.fobshanghai.
Clay teapots from the town of Yixing are an indispensable accessory for tea drinkers throughout China. Usually small, squat, and brown, fine craftsmanship and special materials make them an ideal vessel for making tea. The fired clay is uniquely able to bring out the flavors of tea leaves during brewing. Since the clay is absorbent, unlike porcelain or metal, some of the flavor is absorbed into the pot during each brewing. This gives the tea a richer and more mellow flavor - after using a pot many times, the pot itself can flavor boiling water without adding any fresh tea leaves!

Yixing Traffic

Yixing has neither a railway station nor an airport. Transport is all via road. There are two long distance bus stations located next to each other in the west of the city, by the No.104 national highway. Both stations have daily bus services to Shanghai (RMB51, departing every other hour), Nanjing (RMB31), Yangzhou (RMB30), Hangzhou (RMB42) and Zhenjiang (RMB20).
The fare of taxi is 9 Yuan for the first 3 kilometres,and then 1.8 Yuan per km.
Yixing bus station Tel :0510-7902705
Taxi service complaints :0510-2812744
Wuxi Shuofang Airport  :0510-5320416
Wuxi United Airlines ticket Tel :0510-5805980
Wuxi passenger train station Inquiries Tel :0510-2301217
Wuxi railway Station Tel :0510-2301033

Yixing Festivals

Yixing ceramic art festival
Jiangsu Yixing the ceramic art festival, revitalized the municipal government to sponsor, the first was run in the first ten days of May of 1990, ran o­ne every year hereafter . Under the guidance of the aim " regarding pottery as matchmakers, make friends by skill, expand the contacts, o­n promote development", this piece plain four treasure well-known to Yixing the pottery with " pottery, hole, bamboo, tea", through doing o­ne, having expanded popularity that Yixing pottery, the craft pottery of Zi Sha finds a good sale home and abroad especially, become jeweler that the expert collected. According to popular legend, Yixing Zi Sha pottery store tea to be difficult to lose flavor in summer cool days, cultivated in a pot flowers and plants difficult rotten root, all previous ceramic art festival goods trading volume largest variety. Mainly daily pottery, "jar Su", wine jar, casserole pottery, the quality is hard and durable, elegant appearance, among them the variety of the craft pottery of Zi Sha has pot, cup, disc, bottle, flowerpot, sculpture, etc., the texture is accurate, the model is exquisite, ornamental and simple and honest, have distinct national styles. Yixing pottery traditional model design have many kinds as pick up ball, shut water chestnut, bamboo flat, goose egg ,etc. Yixing already become the comprehensive main ceramic producing area in the South at present, the products find a good sale in various countries of Southeast Asia.
Yixing regard pottery as matchmakers, make friends by skill, during holding the ceramic art festival, except organizing ceramic masterpieces to read the fair extensively, the Yixing artistic seminar of pottery, still give full play to the tourist resources advantage of Yixing, develop the activity of Yixing traveling.

Yixing Service Telephones

Tourism inquiry :0510-4016081

Tourism complaints :0510-5052599

Tourist traffic advisory assistance :0510-4016081

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    Yixing Bamboo International Convention Centre

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    The Yixing Bamboo International Convention Centre (Yixing Zuhai Guoji Huiyizhongxin) is located in the Bamboo Forest Scenic Area. The Yixing exit of Ningbo-Hangzhou Expressway is just a 20..

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  • Yixing Hotel

    Yixing Hotel

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    Yixing Hotel (Yixing Binguan), surrounded by rivers on three sides, is situated in the downtown area. The Southern city river-view zone is to the south and the Tuangui Park is to the ..

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