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Introduction:On the northern bank of Yangzhou, Yizheng is situated in the north of Jiangsu and the Yangtze River lies in its south boundary. The city borders Luhe District of Nanjing o­n west, Ya..

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Yizheng Introduction

On the northern bank of Yangzhou, Yizheng is situated in the north of Jiangsu and the Yangtze River lies in its south boundary. The city borders Luhe District of Nanjing o­n west, Yangzhou Metropolis o­n east and Tianchang of Anhui Province o­n north. The city has a riverbank of 27 km, facing Zhenjiang across the river. Yizheng City has a jurisdiction over 11 towns and townships. Its municipal government is stationed in the Town of Zhenzhou. Yizheng has a physical land of 900 square kilometres and its population is around 600,000

Two major bodies of water, the Yangzhou River and the Grand Canal, run through Yizheng from west to east and from north to south, respectively, dividing the city into four fractions.
Nature resources mainly include ground water, basalt, fruit, sand and medical herbs. Aquatic products are abundant as well.
Yizheng has a subtropical monsoon climate with humid and changeable wind. The city’s average temperature is 15°C annually but there is no any further information addressing the range of temperatures. According to records, the hottest temperature for Yizheng’ immediately neighbor, Yangzhou metropolis, is 39°C in July and the coldest temperature recorded is -17° in January. The raining season is from the middle of June to July and the annual average rainfall is 1,000-1,100 mm.
Yizheng is a county-level city under the jurisdiction of Yangzhou Prefecture City. It was said that Yizheng, used as the city name, was granted by the Emperor Zhenzon of the North Song Dynasty. As surprised to the true natures of statues he ordered to mould in a hill of the ancient town, the emperor was pleasant to name the statues with “Yizhen” and therefore the town took it as its own name. But the name was changed or replaced twice as it pronounced the same vocal sound with two emperors’ names, which was against the law in the time that nobody could have a name pronounced the same with an emperor’s.
With a history of 2,500 years, the city was already a well-known ancient trade town since the Song Dynasty. In 1984, the first chemical fiber manufacture giant in China, the Sinopec Yizheng Chemical Fibre Company Limited, was established in the city to greatly speed up the city's economic growth.
Tourist attractions include Tiannin Pagoda, Drum Tower, Dengyu Lake (climb moon lake). Yangzhou The Western Suburb Forest Park is located in the Town of Liuji of Yizheng. The park has a forest coverage rate of 85% and has established its entertainment facilities for tourist purpose

Yizheng Traffic

Yizheng does not have its own airport. The tourist can draw support from Shanghai Hongqiao airport or Pudong airport
Principal road transport tools include Nintong (Nanjing-Nantong) Expressway and Ninqi (Nanjing-Qidong) Railway, running through the city from west to east. The opening of Runyang Yangtze River Bridge offers the city an alternative to communicate with the South of Jiangsu.
Public bus
The common public bus price is 1 Yuan,and the air-conditioned is 2 yuan.
The fare of taxi is 10 yuan for the first 3 km,and then 1.8 yuan per km.
By Rickshaw
Many points of interest in Yizheng are located o­n narrow streets and alleyways where it is difficult for a bus or a taxi to pass through. Don't worry. The rickshaws inYizheng will make your journey more convenient. The starting price of a rickshaw is CNY2 per person and then CNY2 for every additional kilometer. If you want to hire a rickshaw, the price is CNY5 per person for an hour.
Civil Aviation Information Tel :0512-66231991
Shipping Information Tel :0512-65206681
Train Information Tel :0512-67572831
Taxi complaints Tel :0512-65181399

Yizheng Festivals

Beat spring
In feudal times, o­n spring begins, all of the government yamen gathered to beat the spring cow, which is made of colured whip, and throw rice ,wheat,beans and other crops to the spring cow until it was breaken.
Qing ming Festival
This morning, many people eat the baken biscuits. It is said that eating it can avoid evilness, and be safe.
June 6
On that day, people eat dumplings ,and there is a custom that people take a bath , even bath cats and dogs o­n June 6

Yizheng Service Telephones

Yizheng tourist complaints Tel :0512-65181399

Jiangsu Provincial Tourism complaints Tel :025-83418185

National Tourism complaints Tel:010-65275315

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