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Introduction:Located in Hangzhou-Jiaxing-Huzhou Plain in the north of Zhejiang and the south end of the Grand Canal from Beijing to Hangzhou, Yuhang is in the center of Yangtze River Delta. As the cra..

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Yuhang Introduction

Located in Hangzhou-Jiaxing-Huzhou Plain in the north of Zhejiang and the south end of the Grand Canal from Beijing to Hangzhou, Yuhang is in the center of Yangtze River Delta. As the cradle land of Liangzhu Culture, which is often regarded as the “Dawn of Chinese Civilization”, it is often called “hometown of fish and rice, house of silk, garden of flowers and fruits and land of multiple cultures”. The total area of the district is 1220 square kilometers. It has 14 towns, 1 rural town and 4 residential communities with total population of 819000. It has been the 15th in the list of Top 100 Counties (Cities or Districts) of China in Comprehensive Development Evaluation.

With picturesque landscapes, Yuhang has very rich natural and historical heritages. The tea saint Lu Yu, the great poet Su Dongpo and the famous inscriptor, calligrapher and painter Wu Changshuo all left their footprints o­n the land of Yuhang. The famous scenic spots include Chaoshan Hill, o­ne of the 3 most famous places to enjoy plum flowers, Jingshan Hill, a famous Buddhist holy land, Dongmingshan Forest Park and Huangheshan Tiandu City, and the places with historical heritages include Liangzhu Culture Museum and the historical relics of the strange case of Yang Naiwu and Xiaobaicai.

Yuhang Traffic

With very convenient transportation and nice environment, Yuhang has obvious regional advantages. The transportation lines and facilities including Shanghai-Hangzhou Railway, Xuancheng-Hangzhou Railway, Qiaoshi Railway Grouping Station, which is the biggest in East China, Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway, Hangzhou-Nanjing Expressway, State Highway 104 and 302, Dongtiao River, the Grand Canal, Qiantang River and Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, which is 20 minutes drive away, work together to form a modern transportation network with land, water and air routes. It has o­nly 60 minutes drive by expressway from Yuhang district to Shanghai city, 90 minutes drive to Ningbo and 150 minutes to Nanjing city. You have to pass through Yuhang district so long as you enter or leave Hangzhou city by highway, waterway or airway.

The basic charge of Taxi is 5 yuan, and 2 yuan/km for the additional.
Yuhang Linping Coach Station: 0571-86229641
Yuhang South Bus Station Inquiry Tel: 0571-89161916
Yuhang Linping Railway station Inquiry Tel: 0571-86223320, 86225854
Yuhang Linping taxi calling hotline: 0571-86139988
Yuhang bus Inquiry Tel: 0571-86226232
Bus services of Zhejiang Hangzhou: 0571-85191122
Yuhang Civil Aviation outlets Tel: 0571-86225991 


Yuhang Festivals

China Tea Sage Festival
Tea is so central to Chinese history that its first expert is remembered more than 1,200 years later - Lu Yu, honored as the Sage of Tea for his contribution to the nation's tea culture.
Lu Yu is best known for his monumental work titled Classic of Tea - or Cha Jing - the first book o­n cultivating, making and drinking tea.
In his book Lu Yu ambitiously presented all that was then known about Chinese tea culture. It is divided into three sections and 10 chapters describing the origins of tea along with its accoutrement, collection, brewing, preparation ceremonies and famous producing areas. Perhaps his greatest contribution is the seventh chapter entitled "Tea Events", which recorded thousands of years in tea developments from legendary times to the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907).
Today the site along Shaoxi River at the foot of Jingshan Mountain where Lu Yu studied tea and wrote the book is still visited by many tea devotees.
Well known for its Jingshan Temple and Lu Yu Spring - which still yields its water today - Yuhang district in Hangzhou is also considered the birthplace of the famed Japanese tea ceremony.
In the second year of Duanping Period of the Southern Song Dynasty (1235 AC), Japanese Buddhist Master Shenyi (1202-1280) came to China to learn from Master Wuzun in Jingshan Temple. After his return to Japan, he introduced the tea preparation ceremony used at the temple, which gradually evolved into the Japanese ceremony still popular today.
In addition to the home of the ceremony, Jingshan Temple is credited as the birthplace of Lu Yu's Classic of Tea, making Yuhang district ideal for the China Tea Sage Festival.

Yuhang Service Telephones

Yuhang Tourism Inquiry Tel: 96123
Yuhang Tourism Complaints Tel: 0571-89161861
Yuhang Jing Shan Scenic Area Tourism Services Advisory Tel: 0571-88583936
Yuhang Shuangxi Zuhai driftage Inquiry Tel: 0571-88501888
Yuhang Shan Gougou Scenic Area Tourism Services Advisory Tel: 0571-88573333
Yuhang Four Seasons Park Tourism Services Inquiry Tel: 0571-86265520
Yuhang Chao Shan Tourism Services Inquiry Tel: 0571-86311272
Yuhang, Hangzhou, Dongming Shan Park Tourism Services Inquiry Tel: 0571-88797130
Yuhang Liangzhu Culture Museum Tourism Services Inquiry Tel: 0571-88778900
Yuhang Museum Tourism Services Inquiry Tel: 0571-86245461
Yuhang Chinese cabbage customs Park Tourism Services Inquiry Tel: 0571-88687083
Yuhang District Dayu Valley natural sites of travel services Tel: 0571-88671778

Yuhang Hotels

  • Wu Fu Qiao Hotel

    Wu Fu Qiao Hotel

    Two-star or Less Jiashan Price:-

    Wu Fu Qiao Hotel---has a well-equipped guest rooms and entertainment facilities, leisure is the ideal place to stay.

  • Pinghu Mansion

    Pinghu Mansion

    Three-star Pinghu Danghu Price:-

    The Pinghu Mansion (Pinghu Dasha Junyue Jiudian) is located in bustling central Pinghu, Zhejiang Province, connecting to the Hang-Jin Freeway to the south and the entrance of Shanghai-H..

  • City New Noble Hotel

    City New Noble Hotel

    Preparatory Four-star Ningbo Yinzhou Price:-

    The City New Noble Hotel (Chengshi Xingui Jiudian) is a business hotel situated in central Liansheng Plaza at the intersection of West Maocheng Road and Ningjiang Road.This hotel's spaciou..

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