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Introduction:Yuyao is located in the eastern part of Zhejiang Province--the beautiful and rich Yangtze River delta. It is close to Hangzhou Bay in the north, Siming Mountain in the south, Shangyu mun..

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Yuyao Introduction

Yuyao is located in the eastern part of Zhejiang Province--the beautiful and rich Yangtze River delta. It is close to Hangzhou Bay in the north, Siming Mountain in the south, Shangyu municipality in the west and Ningbo municipality in the east. It covers an area of 1,572 square kilometers and has a population of 825,900. It is the center of Ningshao Plain. It is located at north latitude 29 to 30 degrees, east longitude 120 to 121 degrees.

Yuyao is the crosswise of East Zhejiang Basin and North Zhejiang Plain. Its topography is tall in the north, low in the south and a little defect in the middle. The south part is Siming Mountain Land, where there are high and low chains of mountains, scattered mesas and bottomlands of different sizes. The peak Qinghu Bay Hillock o­n Dachang Mountain reaches a height of 979 meters. The middle part is the Yao River Alluvial Valley Plain. The north part is the Qiantang River and Hangzhou Bay Alluvial Valley Plain. The area ratio of mountains, plains (polder included) and water areas (sea areas included) is 53:29:18. Low mountains and hills mainly disperse over the south part and cover an area of 839 square kilometers, which take up 63% of the land areas. Plains mainly disperse over the middle and south part and cover an area of 498 square kilometers, which take up 37% of the land area. The north part is close to the sea and the coastline is as far as 23 kilometers.

Yuyao Traffic

The Highway

The Hu Hang Yong Expressway, 329 National Highway and Yong Yu Highway respectively pass the south, the north and the middle of the city. It takes the car o­nly half an hour to get to Ningbo, o­ne hour to get to Hangzhou and just two hours and a half to get to Shanghai. The Hangzhou Bay Great Bridge, which is under the preparation for construction and predicted to open to traffic by 2007, will shorten the distance to Shanghai for 130 km at that time.

 The Railway

The Hu Hang Yong Railway runs across Yuyao city and the passenger transport and freight are all connected with the state’s railway network

 The Airport

Ningbo International Airport is o­nly 45 km away from the city and has opened over 30 airlines to Hong Kong, Taipei, Gaoxiong and some other big and middle-size cities in our country. Xiaoshan International Airport in Hangzhou is o­nly 100 km from the city and has opened 36 airlines to Hong Kong, Singapore and some other big and middle-size cities in our country.

 The Port

The sea transportation of Yuyao mainly relies o­n Beilun Port in Ningbo and sometime the goods can also be shipped from Shanghai Port. The distance between Yuyao and Beilun Port is about 70 km and if to Shanghai road, the distance is about 310 km. Ningbo Port is a key port constructed by the state, o­ne of the four coast international deepwater transshipment ports with over 0.1 billion tons of cargo throughout of port and the input of more than 1 million containers. There are 62 berths, all of which can withstand 500 tonne. From this port and 24 berths which can withstand 10 thousand tonne. And it has opened up the sailing lines to Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and the Southeast Asia, the Mediterranean, Europe, the Middle East as well as the west and the east coast of US. And it has established transit trade intercourse with 93 countries and regions in the world and 483 ports. 

Taxi: the basic charge is 5 yuan within 2 kms, and 2 yuan/km for the additional.

Yuyao East Bus Station Tel: 0574-62610111

Yuyao South Bus Station Tel: 0574-62779029

Yuyao West Bus Station Tel: 0574-62822072

Yuyao North Bus Station Tel: 0574-62536457

Ningbo City, Xiao Long Shipping Co. Ltd. Tel: 0574-62635992

Yuyao Yaojiang Tourism Development Co., Ltd. Tel: 0574-62681817

Yuyao City Mingbang United ticketing Co., Ltd. Tel: 0574-62625636

Yuyao Railway Station Tel: 0574-62623112

Yuyao City Civil Aviation Ticket Office Tel: 0574-62622888, 62626077

Yuyao City Civil Aviation outlets new bridge shop Tel: 0574-62624999

Yuyao City Sanxing Transport Co., Ltd. Tel: 0574-62811996

Yuyao City public transport Co., Ltd. Tel: 0574-62631481

Yuyao Festivals

Waxberry Festival of Yuyao
Time: Middle June-Early July
Place: Sanqishi Town, Zhangting Town, Moushan Town and Mazhu Town, Yuyao City
Contents: tourist activity with the theme of “Happy Tour to Waxberry Country”, lantern riddle party in waxberry orchard and taste of Xishan white waxberry.
From ancient times Waxberry of Yuyao was famous for its bigness, bright color, juiciness and good taste, so reputed as “the top waxberry of the world”. In 1995, Yuyao was named as “China Waxberry Country” by the Ministry of Agriculture. Now it has topped our country with 81,000 mu cultivation area and production of about 20,000 tons in average year.

Yuyao Service Telephones

Yuyao City Tourism Bureau Tel: 0574-62837000
Yuyao Siminghu Tourism Services Advisory Tel: 0574-62825111
Yuyao City, Yunhe Driftage Scenic Area Inquiry: 0574-62306288
Four Seasons Village in Yuyao City tourism Inquiry Tel: 0574-62490088
Yuyao Gaoshan Nongjiale Scenic Area Service Tel: 0574-62371022
Yuyao City, North River Riftage Tour Service Centre Tel: 0574-62347777
Yuyao Siming Mountain National Forest Park Tourism Services Tel: 0574-62340889
Yuyao Siminghu Tourism Resort Tourism Services Tel: 0574-62883288 Yuyao World-Tourism Services Tel: 0574-62915588

Yuyao Hotels

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    Yangtianhu Villa Ningbo

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    Nestled in the Siming National Park's Yangtian Lake scenic area, the Yangtianhu Villa Ningbo (Ningbo Yangtianhu Shanzhuang) is a resort standing at an altitude of 810 meters. Built aside..

  • Yuyao letter of Posts and Telecommunications Hotel

    Yuyao letter of Posts and Telecommunications Hotel

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    Hotel has a well-equipped guest rooms and entertainment facilities, leisure is the ideal place to stay.---

  • Hongkong Global Island

    Hongkong Global Island

    Two-star or Less Yuyao Price:-

    Located in Yuyao, popular for its beautiful mountains and waters, the Hongkong Global Island (Huanqiudao Shangwu Jiudian) is a business hotel situated about 8 kilometers from the Shangha..

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