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Introduction:Zhangjiajie City is located o­n the northwestern border of Hunan Province. Covering an area of 9,516 square kilometers (about 3,674 square miles), there are four areas under its gover..

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Zhangjiajie Introduction

Zhangjiajie City is located o­n the northwestern border of Hunan Province. Covering an area of 9,516 square kilometers (about 3,674 square miles), there are four areas under its governance: Yongding District and Wuling District, Cili County and Sangzhi County. Zhangjiajie is subtropical moist mountain climate, thus for tourists it is an ideal place to spend o­ne's holiday.
Zhangjiajie City features a variety of different terrains including: mountainous regions, upland areas, plains, and Karst rock areas. Among these, the mountains cover 76 percent of the total area. The world-famous natural heritage site 'Wulingyuan Scenic Area is located o­n the base of these great mountains. Areas worth visiting include Zhangjiajie National Forest Park (known as China's first national forest park), Suoxiyu Natural Resource Reserve, and Tianzi Mountain Natural Resource Reserve. The scenic area hosts many natural features including: mountains, forests, caves, lakes and waterfalls and perhaps there are more than three thousand rock ridges and eight hundred ghylls. They enjoy the reputation of 'Original Picture o­n Mountain and River of China'. This wonderland is covered with dense forests and is considered Mother Nature's Oxygen Bar.
The history of Zhangjiajie can be traced back to the Neolithic Age. There are three main ethnic minority groups Tujia, Bai, Miao and other 29 minority groups living harmoniously with the Han Nationality. Many different folk cultures converge here and the visitor can experience the various folk-customs, clothing, decorations, dance and music. In 2006, Folk Songs of Sangzhi County, Hands-waving Dance of Tujia Ethnic Group, Maogusi Dance, and The Crafts of Tujia Brocade were all listed in the Protection Catalog of Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage. The people of Zhangjiajie are all very hospitable and visitors immediately feel at home. And local snacks may become travelers' favorite.
One of the most interesting things to do in Zhangjiajie is the experience of drifting o­n the Maoyan River. The Maoyan River is the upper reach of the Li River in Yongding District of Zhangjiajie City. The length for drifting is 25 kilometers (about 16 miles) and the zigzags in the river offer an exhilarating ride. There are four wonders o­n the Maoyan River: Bangtou Spring, Jianxie (intermittent) Spring, Yan (salt) Spring and Pen Wu (spout mist) Cave. These scenic spots cover the river with a mysterious color. The most renowned scenic spot is the Shui Dongzi (water hollow) Waterfall. o­n the bank opposite the waterfall there are several huge rocks which provide a perfect natural observation platform. This is an ideal place for visitors to take photos.

Zhangjiajie Traffic

By Air
Zhangjiajie Lotus (Hehua) Airport (DYG) has just begun an expansion project because of the increasing passenger flow and this will be completed before the beginning of Beijing 2008 Olympic Games. The new expanded airport is expected to hold 19 parking stands and can cater to the needs of 2,500,000 passengers per year. There are daily flights to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Qingdao, Xian, Shenyang, Tianjin, Nanjing and Changsha.
There is shuttle bus between Zhangjiajie Airport and the Airport Hotel in the city center. It departs o­nce every 20-30 minutes for the fare is about CNY 5. Bus No.4 and 5 stop at the Airport Hotel and the bus fare is o­nly about CNY1. The flight schedule frequently changes, so please check the flight information o­n the screen in the booking office or inquire at the booking office. Tickets can be booked at the Guanghe Airport Booking Office located o­n the first floor of Guanghe Shopping Center o­n Yingbin Road or at the Pengcheng Airport Booking Office located at No.30 Ziwu Road (Middle) in Zhangjiajie City.
By Train
There are two railway stations in Zhangjiajie. o­ne is a small station located in Cili County which is used for local traffic. The other is the main Zhangjiajie Railway Station located in Yongding District, 12 kilometers (about 7 miles) from the city center. From Zhangjiajie more than ten big and middle-sized cities in China such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Changsha can be reached. Bus No.1, 2, 6 and 7 connect Zhangjiajie Railway Station and the city center. The bus fare is usually about CNY1.
By Long-distance Bus
The Zhangjiajie Long-distance Bus Station is located at the intersection of Huilong Road and Renmin Road in the city center. There are regular buses to cities such as Changde, Shanghai, Changsha, Yueyang, Wuhan, Dongguan and Zhuhai. Buses to the nearby Yangjiajie Scenic Area and surrounding counties such as Feng Huang (Phoenix) County operate every day. Take bus No. 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 to the Zhangjiajie Long-distance Bus Station.
By City-bus
There are ten bus lines within Zhangjiajie City in total. They service hotels, hospitals, banks, supermarkets and can be very convenient. The bus fare is o­nly CNY1 and buses operate at 30 minute intervals. Bus Nos.1, 2, 3, 4, 5 connect with the Zhangjiajie Long-distance Station; bus Nos.1, 2 and 7 connect with the railway station. Bus Nos. 4 and 5 pass the Airport Hotel where a shuttle bus to the airport can be caught. Bus No.5 goes to the Tujia Folk Customs Park where local folk culture can be experienced.
By Taxi
Traveling around Zhangjiajie City by taxi is inexpensive because of the city's smaller size. The flag-fall price is o­nly CNY3; every additional kilometer costs CNY 1.6.Taxis can be hailed anywhere. The distance from the eastern part of the city to the western costs o­nly CNY10. It is also very convenient to take taxi anywhere in the city to the Zhangjiajie Railway Station and the Zhangjiajie Lotus Airport and costs o­nly about CNY15.

Zhangjiajie Festivals

April Eighth Festival
This is said to be the birth date of Sakyamuni and o­n this holiday people carry out the tradition of Buddha-washing.

Dragon Boat Festival (Double Fifth)
This is a traditional festival in the country, which falls o­n the fifth day of May depending o­n the Chinese lunar calendar. Different places have their own celebration activities. In Changsha, the famous Dragon Boat Contest is held o­n the banks of the Xiang River. People, from all over the province, come to the city to watch the magnificent performance. Competitors chosen are strong young men and they row at full speed to the vigorous drumbeats in order to reach the finish line. The cheers of the excited crowds echo under the blue sky. In some areas, people begin preparations up to o­ne month before the event.

Double Sixth
The legend goes that this day was the birth date of an evil deity. A sacrificial ceremony takes place o­n this day to drive all evil things away. Women will take out clothes and hang them under the sun and monks do the same with Buddhist scripts and sutras in temples.
New Year’s Day: When it comes to Chinese New Year, the lion dance, the dragon lanterns, firecrackers can be seen everywhere. After the midnight, the roar of firecrackers from every household lasts for about o¬ne hour long.

Firebrand festival
The firebrand festival is a traditional festival for bai ehtnic miniority in zhangjiajie which takes place o­n June 24 according to the lunar calendar. For the occasion, cattle and sheep are slain for ancestor worship. In some areas, people also worship Tuzhu (god of the earth). They invite each other to feasts and eat meat together. The Firebrand Festival usually lasts three days. The first day is designated for the family reunion, while the last two days are for wrestling, horse races, bull fighting, boating, push-and-pull games, etc. The large fire evening party is held at the end and lasts all night long.

Zhangjiajie Service Telephones

Zhangjiajie Municipal People's Government Duty Room 0744 - 8382201
Zhangjiajie Tourism Bureau Office 0744 - 8380188
Zhangjiajie scenic spots travel agents 0744 - 8380185
Zhangjiajie Tourism Bureau Quality Supervision by 0744 - 8380193
Zhangjiajie City Public Security Bureau Office 0744 - 8222151
Wulingyuan Scenic Spot Management TEL:0744 - 5618654
Wulingyuan Tourism Quality Supervision Bureau TEL:0744 - 5618331
Zhangjiajie Park Police Station :0744 - 5712381
Zhangjiajie Tourism Advisory :0744 - 8200998
Zhangjiajie Tourism Quality Supervision and management
complaints Telephone 0744-8360193

Hunan Provincial Tourism Quality Supervision and management:
Complaints Tel: (0731) 4717614
Fax: (0731) 4720348
Address:Tuanjie Road, Wulipai, Changsha ,Hunan
Zip Code: 410001

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