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Introduction:Zhaoqing is a beautiful city with a long history of more than two thousand years. Located in the west central of Guangdong province, it covers an area of 15,000 square kilometer, with a ..

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Zhaoqing Introduction

Zhaoqing is a beautiful city with a long history of more than two thousand years. Located in the west central of Guangdong province, it covers an area of 15,000 square kilometer, with a population of over 3.9 million. Zhaoqing governs 8 counties (cities, districts), namely, Duanzhou District, Dinghu District, Gaoyao City, Sihui City, Guangning County, Deqing County, Fengkai County, Huaiji County, and Zhaoqing New Hi-Tech Industry Development Zone. To the east there is Guangzhou & Foshan Economic Circle and to the west there is Pan Pearl River Delta. Its urban area is an important part of the cities of Pearl River Delta. It takes o­nly o­ne hour's ride from Zhaoqing to Guangzhou.
Zhaoqing is rich in natural resources and local produce. It is known as "City of Gold" in Guangdong province because it is rich in fifty kinds of mineral resources, such as gold, jade and so o­n. The traditional handicraft Duanzhou-Ink-Stone ranks the first among the four most famous ink-stones in China. The jade-stone, gypsum, granite and limestone mines here are all ample in reserve and superior in quality. The city is also abundant in hydraulic resources. Zhaoqing is also reputed as "City of Bamboo", "City of Cassia", "City of Orange", "City of Rosin” and the base of Chinese southern medicine. Thus investors are provided with sufficient resources.

Zhaoqing Traffic

Zhaoqing is served by railways and highways. Direct train and bus services connect it to Guangzhou, Hong Kong and other cities in Guangdong. Major roadways include Interstates 321 and 324 and the Guang-Zhao and Guang-Wu Expressways. The Sanmao Railway also runs through Zhaoqing. It is connected with Hong Kong via the KCRC Guangdong Through Train service from Zhaoqing railway station.

Within the city, the primary form of public transportation is the 21 public bus routes. Bus rides cost 1.2 yuan per person within the city, 3.6 yuan per person for destinations outside the city limits (on the 3, 5 and 21 buses). Taxis are also available. During the day, the base price for a taxi ride is four or five yuan (depending o­n taxi company), with a charge of 1.6 yuan per kilometer. Charges increase to a base price of five yuan and 2.2 yuan per kilometer after dark. Price-per-trip can also sometimes be negotiated with drivers.

Zhaoqing City Aviation Services Inquiry Tel: 0758-2220145
Zhaoqing City Tourism Corporation Air Tickets Office Tel: 0758-2727892, 0758-2226386
Zhaoqing Railway Station Booking Tel: 0758-6161562
Zhaoqing Railway Station Inquiry Tel: 0758-2835114, 0758-2838264 Zhaoqing to Hong Kong Train Ticket Inquiry Tel: 0758-6161822
Zhaoqing Railway Station telephone service complaints: 0758-2827789
Zhaoqing City Bus Terminal Tel: 0758-2261035
Coach Station outlets: 0758-2235173
Qiaoxi Passenger Terminal Inquiry Tel: 0758-2830094
Zhaoqing City, long-distance passenger transport complaints Tel: 0758-2240094

Zhaoqing Festivals

Winter Solstice
Date: between the 22nd and the 23rd days of the 12th lunar month
Origin and Significance: According to lunar calendar, Winter Solstice is an important solar term, as well as a traditional festival. It is still celebrated nowadays in many places in China. Winter Solstice is also called Winter Festival, Long Solstice Festival, Ya Sui, etc. Early in spring and Autumn Period over 2,500 years ago, Chinese people had observed the Winter Solstice with a sundial. It is the earliest of the twenty-four seasonal division points. Winter Solstice falls o­n the twenty-second or the twenty-third of the twelfth lunar month every year. The Northern hemisphere o­n this day experiences the shortest daytime and longest nighttime. After this day, daytime will become longer and longer. There are many ancient sayings about the Winter Solstice, such as “Ying comes to its extreme and Yang starts to grow”; “the sun has come to the southeast”; “daytime at its shortest length and nighttime at its longest length”, etc. This is why the Solstice is also called Dong Zhi, meaning midwinter. After the Winter Solstice, the coldest temperature comes to everywhere, so-called Jing Jiu (entering nines). As the saying goes, “the cold falls o­n the third nine-day period in winter, and the hot falls o­n the third ten-day period in summer”.
Celebration Ways: Eating dumplings; eating wontons.

Zhaoqing Service Telephones

Zhaoqing City Tourism Quality Supervision complaints Tel: 0758-2262296
Zhaoqing City Tourism Bureau Tel: 0758-2224903 Fax: 0758-2252024
Zhaoqing City Duanzhou District Tourism Bureau Services Tel: 0758-2221738
Zhaoqing City Dinghu District Tourism Bureau Services Te: 0758-2621298
Zhaoqing City Guangning County Tourism Bureau Services Tel: 0758-8638388
Zhaoqing City Huaiji County Tourism Bureau Services Tel: 0758-5531618
Zhaoqing City Deqing County Tourism Bureau Services Tel: 0758-7781728
Zhaoqing City Fengkai County Tourism Bureau Services Tel: 0758-6681820
Zhaoqing City Gaoyao County Tourism Bureau Services Tel: 0758-8233113
Zhaoqing City Sihui County Tourism Bureau Services Tel: 0758-3368919

Zhaoqing Hotels

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