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Introduction:Zhoushan is located between 121°31′-123°25′east longitude, 29°32′-31°04′latitude, situated o­n the East China Sea at the south - east part of the Yangtse Rive Delta off the Han..

Districts: Haining Hangzhou Anji Cixi Deqing Dongyang Fenhua Fuyang Haiyan Huangyan Huzhou Jiashan Jiaxin Jinhua Lanxi Linan Linhai Lishui Longyou Ningbo

Attractions: Shibicanzhao Relic Park of Opium War Dinghai Anicent City Shenjiamen Fish Port Lulanqingsha Dafo Rock Xiushan Island Tawanjinsha Daji Dabei Mountain

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Zhoushan is located between 121°31′-123°25′east longitude, 29°32′-31°04′latitude, situated o­n the East China Sea at the south - east part of the Yangtse Rive Delta off the Hangzhou Bay. Bordering main cities such as Shanghai, Hangzhou and Ningbo and facing the Pacific Ocean, it’s an important gateway of inland places to the outside world and the juncture of water arteries linking south and north China with the Yangtse River, presenting a fan-shaped towards the new and developing cities in Asia-Pacific area.

Zhoushan falls under subtropical monsoon marine climate featuring a mild temperature all the year round. The annual average temperature is around 16°C and the annual average rainfall is about 927 to 1620mm. Zhoushan is the sole city of archipelago in China, which has jurisdiction over two districts and two counties:Dinghai District, Putuo District, Daishan County,Shengsi County. Zhoushan occupies 182km from east to west, and 169km from south to north.The city covers 22 thousand sq. kilometers, including a maritime area of 20800 sq. kilometers and a land area of 1440 sq.kilometers,with 1390 islands and 3306 skerries.There are 103 inhabited islands,boasting of the No.4 biggest island in China,with a principal island area of 503 sq.kilometers and a population of 970 thousand, the population density is 672 people per sq.kilometer.

Zhoushan Traffic

Harbor: Zhoushan has been listed o­n 100million tonnage harbor, ranked No.9 biggest harbor among Chinese coastal harbors. Now, there are more than 400 berths,including 15 berths over 10000 tonnage. Sinochem Ao'shan base,the biggest commercial petroleum transit base in China,possesses 1 oil transit dock of 250,000 tonnage , Sinochem Cezi crude oil transit base with a 300,000 tonnage oil transit dock is the biggest crude oil dock in China,Baosteel Majishan ore sand transit base has a 250,000 tonnage (also for 300,000 tonnage) ore sand transhipment. The first period project of Yanshan deepwater harbor Shanghai international shipping center(Zhoushan) has been officially started. Ao'shan national stratagic storage oil base, Jintang Dapukou container harbor area, the second period project Baosteel Majishan and Zhonghaiyou Zhoushan logistics base are under construction. There are totally more than 130 shipping enterprises in Zhoushan,forming the combined transportation capacity of more than 2 million ton,the coastal transportation capacity is No.1 in Zhejiang.

Airport: Zhoushan Putuo Mountain Airport now owns six airlines between Zhoushan and Beijing, Fuzhou, Shanghai, etc. Zhoushan Port has opened more than 40 passenger lines including 5 rolling load lines to the mainland.

Taxi: the basic charge is 5 yuan

Zhoushan Airport Aviation Civil Aviation outlets Tel: 0580-2026799

Zhoushan, China Eastern Airlines ticket office Tel: 0580-2031159

Zhoushan Festivals

Zhoushan International Sand Sculpture Festival: Zhujiajian Island is well-known coast resort in Zhejiang. The most remarkable at Zhujiajian is the "Ten-li Golden Sand Beaches", including 9 beaches o­ne joining another stretching for about 5 kilometers, an ideal place to enjoy the sea and sun and to play with the sand. Zhujiajian has been the venue of the annual "Zhoushan International Sand Sculpture Festival" since 1999. The event is a combination of a sand sculpture festival and a sand sculpture competition.
 Zhoushan seafood festival: every year, the local tourism department organizes the Zhoushan seafood festival in June. Tourists and locals can sample a diverse array of seafood.

Zhoushan Service Telephones

Zhoushan City Tourism Bureau Tel: 0580-2280719, 2280720, 2042273
Zhoushan City Putuo District Tourism Bureau Tel: 0580-3011000 Fax: 0580-3011000
Putuo District of Zhoushan City tourist complaints Tel: 0580-3025126
Zhoushan City Zhu Jiajian scenic tourism management and consulting Tel: 0580-6031940 Fax: 0580-6032968
Zhu Jiajian scenic area of Zhoushan City International Arts Plaza Shadiao Tel: 0580-6631025, 6631440
Zhu Jiajian scenic area of Zhoushan City, Kwan-yin culture Court Tel: 0580-6031033
Wushitan, Zhu Jiajian scenic area of Zhoushan City, Tel: 0580-6031021 Lover’s Island, Zhu Jiajian scenic area of Zhoushan City, Tel: 0580-6631143
Lisha Ecological Garden, Zhu Jiajian scenic area of Zhoushan City, Tel: 0580-6634039
Crab breeding park, Zhu Jiajian scenic area of Zhoushan City, Tel: 0580-6034498

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