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Introduction:      Located in the southwest of the Pearl River estuary, Zhuhai (meaning "pearl" and "sea") is so named because it is where the Pearl River flows into the S..

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Zhuhai Introduction

      Located in the southwest of the Pearl River estuary, Zhuhai (meaning "pearl" and "sea") is so named because it is where the Pearl River flows into the South China Sea. Bordering Hong Kong by sea and Macau by land, Zhuhai is 140-kilometer away from Guangzhou. Covering an area of 7,652 square kilometers with 1,415,700 permanent residents, Zhuhai Municipality administers 3 districts and 5 economic zones.
    The earliest human settlement in Zhuhai can be traced back five thousand years ago. Zhuhai is o­ne of the starting points of the Ancient Maritime Silk Road. Wenshun Township, established in the Tang Dynasty (618-907), was the earliest administrative body governing Xiangshan area which included the present Zhuhai, Zhongshan and Macau. Xiangshan Township was formed in the Song Dynasty (960-1279) o­n account of flourishing salt industry. Xiangshan County, administered by Guangzhou Prefecture, remained through the Yuan (1271-1368), Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1644-1911) Dynasties. Zhuhai County was established in 1953 and was promoted to Zhuhai Municipality in 1979. Special Economic Zone was founded officially in 1980.
     The Zhuhai Declaration issued by the World Economic Development Declaration Conference (WEDDC) was made public in Zhuhai in 2003. Among the World Top 500 Enterprises, over 30 of them have investment projects in Zhuhai. Zhuhai has initially formed an economic pattern featuring leading industries such as electric mechanic manufacturing, electronics and telecommunication equipment manufacturing, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and computer software along with a coordinated development of modern agriculture, tourism and service industry.

Zhuhai Traffic

Zhuhai Airport is located at the southwest tip of Sanzao Island in the West Zhuhai. The three sides of the airport are surrounded by the sea with an excellent clearance. It is 31 kilometers away from the urban areas. With all the indexes reaching the international advanced level, the airport has reached the standards of the international first-class civil airport. The air terminal has a building area of 92 thousand square meters. It is composed of the hall in general, the departure hall and the sightseeing hall. The embarking and disembarking passengers use different paths. As a modern airport, it has direct flights to and from more than 20 major cities, such as Chongqing, Shanghai, Guilin, Zhangjiajie, Beijing, Chengdu, Changsha, etc.
Zhuhai airport information desk:0756--7771580(departure),  0756--7771111(arrival)
Airport ticket office:0756—7771840

Although there are no railways in Zhuhai, there are many railway ticket offices, selling tickets for the trains starting from the Guangzhou railway station, which bring great convenience to the locals of Zhuhai. But be sure to choose the ticket offices where the internet’s networks have been linked up when buying the tickets, whereas all the railway ticket offices don’t deal with ticket returning. If you want to return a ticket, you have to go to the Guangzhou railway station.
The Zhuhai railway ticket office:
Jielong railway ticket office        
address:the Haizhou passenger transport station o­n No.152 Zijing Road in the Xiangzhou District    
Phone call: 0756-2113844
Guangtong real property ageny of the Doumen District  
Address: No.188 Zhongxing Road in Jing’an Town, Doumen District    
Phone call:0756-5538452

With the high-grade arterial highways as the frame, Zhuhai highways center o­n the city and radiate to counties and districts. It establishes a land way traffic network system which connects major towns, ports, the airport and the harbor. There are highway coaches to and from many major southern cities in the country.
Booking calls of the Gongbei Long-Distance Passenger Transport Station:0756-8888554、0756-8888887-2240
Charter call of the Gongbei Long-Distance Passenger Transport Station:0756-8885218
Phone call of the Xiangzhou Coach Station:0756—2225345、0756--2226540

The Zhuhai harbor has eight harbor areas, such as Gaolan and Jiuzhou. There are in total 5 first-class ports and 17 second-class ports. It has initially developed into harbors with a definite division of labor and a reasonable layout. The Jiuzhou harbor in Zhuhai is a traffic junction of the South China Region and the Asia-Pacific Region o­n the sea and has a direct navigation to and from the large harbors inside and outside the province as well as Hongkong and Macau. There are boats continuously coming and going between Hongkong, Shenzhen and Zhuhai every day. There are also 24 navigations every day from the Jiuzhou Harbor to Hongkong with a single trip of 70 minutes, and 50 navigations (fliers) every day heading for Shekou with a single trip of merely o­ne hour.
Moreover, the Jiuzhou Harbor has the recreational item of the tour and sightseeing around Macau. You can get to the Jiuzhou Harbor by taking Route 4, 12, 25 buses in the urban areas of Zhuhai.
The contact of the Jiuzhou Harbor of the Zhuhai City
Address: the passenger transport building of the Jiuzhou Harbor in Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province, China (No.599 the south Qinglv Road)
Booking phone call: 0756-3333359(inland aviation) 3332113 (Hongkong aviation)

Local Transport
The traffic in the Zhuhai city is convenient and quick with the characteristics of a big city. The broad and even main roads run in four directions among flower beds and shades, connecting all the scenic spots together. Either the taxis which stop at your wave of hand and charge at marked price and the special air-conditioned bus lines leading to all the tourist spots, or the fliers which take you to all the beautiful islands, will bring great convenience to your tour around Zhuhai. And you will feel safe and comfortable in them.

The buses in Zhuhai run in all directions. They are the national first-class top grade new buses with tidy appearance and air-conditioning facilities. The bus stops are harbor style garden buildings unique in the country. The bus fare is charged at o­ne price. Most of the buses are equipped with self-service coin boxes and have no conductors. Therefore, passengers shall prepare enough changes in advance before taking a bus.(2 yuan for the air-conditioned bus,1 yuan for the common bus)
The Zhuhai sightseeing bus is a special line bus opened to traffic by the Zhuhai Qiguan Hotel for the convenience of sightseeing tourists. The bus has an ample body and is equipped with air-conditioning facilities and the close circuit television.
The buses of the East Route run every thirty minutes; the buses of the West Route run every twenty minutes.
The full fare for the East Route:¥3 yuan /person(sectional ticketing,of which Gongbei——Jida 2 yuan,Gongbei——Dajinding 3 yuan),the full fare for the West Route 2 yuan;
Departure time:7:00AM-9:00PM
Consultation calls:0756--3345605、0756--3378381。

There are more than 1000 taxis passing through all the streets in Zhuhai. They stop at your wave of hand and charge at marked price. The taxi fare is 10 yuan (13 yuan 12:00 p.m.) after prior to the start of the trip plus 2.4 yuan for each additional kilometer in urban areas. If you find charges unreasonable or service quality bad, you can make a complaint by dialing the phone number marked o­n the taxis. Complaints call:0756—2261133

Zhuhai Festivals

Spring festival: the first day of lunar new year." open the door" with firecrackers at dawn, men prepare sugar soup and changshou noodles for women. In the past time the portrait of ancestor would be hung up in the major room and the householder worship the ancestor, the younger generation hand in eggs and tea respectfully to the superior. There is also the custom in Fenshui area to invite relatives to feast. The floor are not to be swept and no knife or needles or something else with a sharp blade to be used. And then pay a New Year call the next day.

Dragon boat festival: also called "Duanwu festival". In the past days people decorate the door with herbal leaves, and smoke inside the house by burning herbs. Spread limes along side the wall and sometimes hung portrait of "zhongkui” to scare ghosts away, or stick charms o­n the door. o­n the day with no exception people eat rice dumpling and "five Guan"(yellow-fin tuna, yellow eel, vitellin, cucumber and king’s yellow liquor), in addition they boil meat with garlic. Children wear aroma bag, eat king’s yellow horse bean and smear king’s yellow o­n their foreheads. Doctors collect herbs for standby o­n the day. Before the day of the festival, grandmothers give their grandsons fans, bellybands, aroma bags and tiger headed shoes etc.

Zhuhai Service Telephones

Zhuhai City Tourism Bureau Tel: 0756-33421110756-8380553 Fax: 0756-3342111
Zhuhai City Tourism Bureau Inquiry Tel: 0756-3346666
Tourism complaints Tel: 0756-3336061
Doumen District of Zhuhai City Tourism Bureau Services Tel: 0756-5537866
Xiangzhou District of Zhuhai City Tourism Bureau Services Tel: 0756-2513332
Jingwang District of Zhuhai City Tourism Bureau Services Tel: 0756-7263591
Fax: 0756-7263591

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