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Introduction:Zibo is a city in the Shandong Peninsula Economical Open Zone approved by the State Council, and a “comparatively big city” with local legislative rights. It is located in the middle of..

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Zibo Introduction

Zibo is a city in the Shandong Peninsula Economical Open Zone approved by the State Council, and a “comparatively big city” with local legislative rights. It is located in the middle of Shandong Province, to the south is Taiyi Mountain Range, Yellow River o­n the north, Ji’nan(the Spring City) o­n the west, and Weifang and Qingdao to the east.
As the birth place of Qi Culture, Zibo has a long and glorious history. Linzi, as the center of Kingdom Qi in terms of politics, economy, culture for more than 800 years, is praised the fame of “Native Famous Capital”. Zibo is a place propitious for giving birth to innumerable great figures in history, including some statesmen who administered the countries such as Guan Zhong, Yan Ying and Fang Xuanling, some philosophers who were excellent in Chinese history such as Zou Ji, Zou Yan, some doctors who could bring the dying back to life such as Bian Que, Chunyu Yi, some writers who made remarkable achievements such as Zuo Si, Pu Songling, Wang Yuyang, Zhao Zhixin.
 As the National Excellent Tourist City, Zibo has many historical remains, for example, the relic site of war-horses buried alive of Dongzhou Dynasty, the Royal Tomb of King Tian Qi, and the former residence of Pu Songling. Because of the geography location of Zibo, where Luzhong Mountain and Lubei Plain meet, it forms Zibo many beautiful landscapes which called “South Mountain and north water”. In the south mountain area, mountains, water, forest and caves are connected with each other very naturally, dotted with kiosks, platforms, pavilions and waterfalls decorated among. In the north plain area, rivers and their branches crisscross so that the scenery looks like that of the south China. As the important commercial town “Inland Port”-Zhoucun District, located in the west part of Zibo, which began from Ming & Qing Dynasty, has many well-kept ancient buildings.

Zibo Traffic

Zibo is a hinge city connecting the Shandong Peninsula with the inland. With convenient transportation, Zibo has many railways and roads crossing it. It has powerful industry foundation and strong capacity to provide what is needed for development. There is Zibo New & Hi-tech Industry Development Zone, Qilu Petrochemical Zone, totally 12 economy development zones approved by national ministry. The infrastructure is complete and the industrial development potential is broad. Particularly in recent years, Zibo has made great efforts to carry out the strategy of “To develop Zibo based o­n environment protection”, to create the investment environment of Zibo as a natural environment beautiful, administration service excellent omniberaingly, and was awarded as the Top 50 Excellent Cities of China in terms of investment environment.

 Railway: the city’s mileage totals 558 km. Jiaoji railway, Xintai railway and Zidong railway connect with Jinghu(Beijing to Shanghai) railway.

Highway: There are 19 arterial highways connecting the cities with other parts of the country. 3729 km highways have been opened to traffic. The density of highway is up to 62.8 km per hundred sq. km. The rate of better quality highways reaches 84.6%. No 309 national highway and Jinan-Qingdao expressway run across the city from east to west. No. 205 National highway and Binzhou-Laiwu Expressway run across the city from north to south. They meet each other in Zhangdian District, the center district of Zibo City. All districts and counties have expressway connections.

Airport: The center of Zibo is o­nly 70 km from Jinan International Airport. Jinan is the Capital of Shandong Province.

Seaport: Zibo is 210 km away from Qingdao Seaport.

Taxi: the basic charge of Santana and Jetta is 6 RMB within 3 Kms, and the other is 5 RMB within 3 Kms.

Zibo Festivals

There are many festival days in the city .such as: China (Zibo) International Ceramics Exposition, Qi Culture and Tourism Festival, Liaozhai Tourism Festival.
China (Zibo) International Ceramics Exposition is o­ne of famous festival. The production of ceramics in Zibo goes back to ancient times. In modern times, the ceramics industry has been an important industry for regional development. As China’s most famous ceramics city, Zibo held the first China (Zibo) International Ceramics Exposition. It fully showed the immense charm of “the fire culture”, effectively pushing forward Zibo’s foreign economy, cultural exchanges and cooperation. So far, Zibo has held five ceramics expositions successively, bringing enormous economic and social benefits, and brand effect. It has become Zibo’s specific window for opening to the outside world, providing an effective platform for attracting foreign investment and an important stage for mass cultural activities.
Liaozhai Tourism Festival is another famous o­ne. Zibo is the hometown of Pu Songling,a renowned writer of the Qing Dynasty,and was acclaimed as "the greatest writer of the world short-story novels". Through his life-span, taking painstaking effort, he completed his masterpiece the remarkable "The Fairy Tales of Liao Zhai " and won great popularity. So far, it has been translated into more than 20 languages and over 100 editions have been spread throughout the world. It has enjoyed great popularity and love amongst readers from different countries. In recent years, in order to excavate and carry forward Liaozhai culture and increase Zibo’s great popularity, Zibo has held successively Liaozhai tourism festivals. They have attracted thousands of foreign tourists for sightseeing, cultural and economic exchanges and co operations, greatly increasing the Liaozhai culture’s influence and Zibo’s city image.

Zibo Service Telephones

Zibo Travel agency: 0533-2183407
Traveling consultation center: 0533-2169369
Traveling suit: 0533-2187222
Train ticket inquires: 0533-2582522
Steam ticket inquires: 0533-2889261
Tourist Complaints: 0533-2187222
Tourist Inquiries: 0533-2169369
Weather Forecast: 121
Zip Code Inquiry: 184

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