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Introduction:Zigong, located in the south of Sichuan basins, the riverside of Fuxi brook in the upriver of Yangtze River, is o­ne of the earliest presidia and key industrial cities in Sichuan. An..

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Zigong Introduction

Zigong, located in the south of Sichuan basins, the riverside of Fuxi brook in the upriver of Yangtze River, is o­ne of the earliest presidia and key industrial cities in Sichuan. And it is known as a resplendent pearl in the land of abundance. The total population is 2, 943, 000 up to the end of 1989, including 969, 400 cantonal inhabitants.
Zigong is known as ‘Salt City’ for its rich in well salt. During the past 2000 years, in the name of salt Zigong has been growing from a town to county and finally became a city. Since the establishment of the People’s Republic of China, it has developed into a medium-sized industrial city with salt-making, chemical and machinery industry as the leading industries. Besides salt-making, the city varies in industries including food-making, construction material supply, light textile, metallurgy and electricity etc.
The handicrafts named ‘small three feats’ of Zigong are Gong fan, paper-cutting and linet staining handicrafts. There are giant plant fossils (the silicified wood), the first salt well, the giant Buddha of Rong County, which is the largest Buddha Sitting stone image in China, and the Fushun Wen Temple, which is the first Wen Temple of Sichuan in Zigong. Chuan Opera and circus of Zigong are two amazing flowers blooming so many times; the works and performance of Chuan Opera are famous throughout China. The provincial native products are famous for “Three beeves” (burst tender beef, yak beef, Hong bean fried jerked beef); “Three fragrance” (Longyu fragrant flower tea, Longyu fragrant grapefruit, Salt City fragrant chili sauce); “three Xiu” (vegetable with fixing dishes, fresh Datou dishes, Niufo turnip Dragon dishes). They are well-known and highly commended in China.
These “Three” are created by the diligent work of Zigong people. The giant Buddha of Rong County has come in third of the world, which is the striking proof of this. The creator of the giant Buddha is the people o­n the history. The people created history and Zigong.

Zigong Traffic

The highway line in Zigong City is 1756.25 kilometers, 54.32 kilometers is expressway. Now the first, second highway nets have been completed, the third highway net is being constructed. The main stem highway leads to many cities directly, like Chengdu, Chongqing, Leshan, Yibin, Neijiang, Luzhou, etc. There are 8 rivers cruising 487 kilometers inside Zigong City. The freight ship can get to Shanghai directly. The Neikun Railway goes across Zigong city, with the railway line 39.8 kilometers and four railway stations are available. Zigong is the intersection point of Chuanyun Mid-Road, Neie Road, 207 Provincial Road, 305 Provincial Road, etc. The expressways meet Chengyu Expressway in the north, and Yibin –the southern Sichuan military town- in the south. The high-grade highways meet Leshan and Weiyuan. It’s very convenient to take buses to Longchang and Luzhou directly. There are trains to Chengdu, Chongqing, and Yibin as Neikun Railroad goes across the city.
Everyday, there are 10 trains dispatched from Zigong Railway Station- an important station in southern Sichuan railway. Tickets to Zhicheng, Kunming, Guizhou, Guilin, and Guangzhou  from Zigong city are also available.
Now there are 72 transport lines in and out of the province, and the suburb, with more than 1000 times everyday so more than 10,000 passengers can be sent everyday. It can get to 39 areas such as Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Zhejiang , Yunnan, Tibet, etc.

Zigong Festivals

Feb. 5th –Mar. 11th Zigong Dinosaur Lantern Festival

The Dinosaur Lantern Festival in Zigong City, which is held around the Spring Festival, dates back to the Tang (618-907) and the Song (960-1279) Dynasties. At the festival are displayed China's colorful traditional lanterns made of bamboo, silk, paper and glass bottles, together with the colorful modern porcelain lanterns, underwater lanterns, gas-discharging lanterns, and the program-controlled lanterns. You can feast your eyes o­n more than 100 collections of large lanterns as well as several thousand small o­nes. Most of the funny and beautiful lantern shapes are based o­n myths, legends, historical stories, movie &TV stories, folk customs, and science-fiction figures. The diversified vivid dinosaur shapes, which are indispensable to the festival, are most distinctive and enchanting.

Zigong Service Telephones

City First-aid Station: 2202811
Train Ticket: 7342572
Bus Terminal: 8104270/8101862
supervision over Law Enforcement: 2409221
Commerce and Industry Bureau: 8107157
Telecommunication Business Consulting: 1000
Forecast: 121
Telephone Number Inquiry: 114
No.1 City People's Hospital Emergency Room: 2103940
City hospital Emergency Room: 3301234
City Health Bureau: 2202292
Zigong Consumer Complaints Centre: 12,315
City Bus Company: 2606221
NO.7 City Hospital: 4730122

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