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Huai'an is located in the center of northern Jiangsu Province, with the Huaihe River flowing through its domain. It is bounded o­n the north by Lianyungang, and neighbors Yangzhou and Anhui Province in the south. The time-horned Grand Canal and the modern Beijing-Shanghai Express meet each other in the city. The forth largest freshwater lake in China, Hongze Lake, is just lies in the west of Huai'an. Huai’an administers 4 districts (Qinghe, Qingpu, Huaiyin, Chuzhou) and 4 counties (Lianshui, Hongze, Xuyi, Jinhu). It has a population of 5.18 million and an area of 10100 square kilometres. As early as five or six thousand years ago, people had created their civilization in this region. It had greatly been exploited in its territory before the Qin Dynasty (221BC-206BC). During the Sui (581-618) and Tang (618-907) dynasties, the excavation of the Grand Canal and the flourishing of salt industry north of ..

Tips: National Tourism complaints Tel:-65275315 Huaian Tourism Bureau Tel :0517-3605355 Address: North Huaihai Road121, Huai'an City, Huai'an City Telecom Branch Tel: 800

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Huaian Tourist Attractions

  • Zhou Enlai Memorial

    Zhou Enlai Memorial

    IntroductionZhou Enlai Memorial is located at Taohua Village, Chuzhou District, Huan’an City, Jiangsu Province, established in January 16, 1992. It has mottos wrote by Deng Xiaoping wrot..

  • Qingyan Garden

    Qingyan Garden

    IntroductionQingyan Garden is to the west of Renmin South Road, Huai’an City, Qingyan Garden, initially built in the Emperor Kangxi of Qing Dynasty with a history of over 300 years, cov..

  • Zhouenlai Residence House

    Zhouenlai Residence House

    IntroductionZhouenlai Residence House is originally known as the tin and raise the hall, lie in Huai’an urban area the east of work road, build o­n in the year 1381. According to th..

  • Zhenhuai Tower

    Zhenhuai Tower

    IntroductionZhenhuai Tower, also known as the Drum Tower, Gu Lou in Mandarin, is the symbol of the ancient city of Huai’an and in fact has quite an interesting history. Built in the No..

  • Langshan


    IntroductionLangshan is located in the southern suburb of Nantong City, Langshan Scenic Area is a place integrating cultural and historic relics, o­ne of eight small famous Buddhist mo..


Hotels in Popular Jiangsu

  • Hostel 118

    Hostel 118

    Two-star or Less Huaian Qinghe Price:-

    The Hostel 118 (Huaian Haosidun 118 Liansuo Ludian) offers consistent and affordable accommodation with free parking space, broadband internet access, newspaper and magazines to peruse. ..

  • Jinjiang Inn (Huai'an Bus Station)

    Jinjiang Inn (Huai'an Bus Station)

    Two-star or Less Huaian Qinghe Price:-

    The Jinjiang Inn (Huai'an Bus Station) (Jinjiangzhixing Huai'an Qichezongzhan Dian) is situated in the city's central commercial area and convenient to a bus station.This Huai'an hotel fe..

  • Romantic Hotel

    Romantic Hotel

    Two-star or Less Huaian Qinghe Price:-

    The Romantic Hotel (Luomandike Shangwu Jiudian) is west of the Huai'an Bus Station. The hotel integrates accommodation, dining and entertainment services. Guestrooms include 24-hour free ..

  • Song Dynasty Hotel

    Song Dynasty Hotel

    Three-star Huaian Qingpu Price:-

    The Song Dynasty Hotel (Songwangchao Dajiudian) is a Huaian business hotel that specializes in serving international guests. Featuring an imperial-style decor, the hotel provides a sumptu..

  • Youlandu Hotel

    Youlandu Hotel

    Three-star Huaian Qinghe Price:-

    The Youlandu Hotel (Huai'an Youlandu Dajiudian) is located east of New Century Square in Huai'an only a 20-minute drive from the Former Residence of Zhou Enlai. The hotel offers a range ..

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