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      Huangshan City is named after Huangshan (Yellow Mountain).  It is a mountainous region with "Eight Mountains, a wide river and plains for farming". It is located in the south of Anhui Province. Huangshan Municipality has jurisdiction over three districts-Yunxi, Huangshan and Huizhou, four countries-Shexian, Xiuning, Yixian and Qimen, and the Scenic Spots at Huangshan.      Huangshan is famous for its "four wonders": odd-shaped pines, grotesque rocks, the sea of clouds and the hot springs.  When visitors arrive at the mountain, they step into a beautiful fairyland. The ancient Chinese used the following sentence to describe the experience: a visit to other mountains is not necessary after you have visited the Yellow Mountain. Huangshan towers over the charming Taiping Lake and the Xin'an River and the Guniujiang Nature Reserve and the Qingliang Pe..

Tips: Huangshan Municipal Travel Bureau: 0559-2514091Huangshan  Tourism Quality Supervision: 0559-2517464She County Travel Bureau: 0559-6512663Xiuning County Travel Bureau: 0559-7560038Huizho..

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Huangshan Tourist Attractions

  • Lianli Pine (Couple Pine)

    Lianli Pine (Couple Pine)

    IntroductionThe pine is divided into two branches. The two branches almost have the same thickness and height. So far, they are full of vigor. It’s said that o­ne branch stands for E..

  • Leading Pine

    Leading Pine

    IntroductionIt lies in Beginning-to-Believe Peak, three sides of which are full of ravines and o­nly o­ne side of which can be climbed up by using some tools. This pine stretche..

  • Huangshan


    IntroductionThe original name of Huangshan is Yishan which means black because its crag is very high and it is black in color. It is said that Emperor Huang made pills immortality there. ..

  • Bright Peak

    Bright Peak

    IntroductionIt was said “You can’t see the Yellow Mountain scenery without climbing the Bright Peak”. It is the second peak of The Yellow Mountains and the elevation is 1,860 meters. T..

  • West Sea Grand Canyon

    West Sea Grand Canyon

    IntroductionThe Xihai, or West Sea, Scenic Area offers some of the most beautiful, most enthralling landscapes o­n Yellow Mountain. Covering some of Yellow Mountain's most prime s..

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Hotels in Popular Anhui

  • Huamao International Hotel

    Huamao International Hotel

    Preparatory Five-star Huangshan Tunxi Price:-

    Situated in downtown Huangshan, the Huamao International Hotel (Huamao Guoji Dajiudian) offers convenient access to many scenic areas and local transportation networks. It is only a five-..

  • Huang Shan Binyue Shangwu

    Huang Shan Binyue Shangwu

    Two-star or Less Huangshan Huangshan Price:-

    Hotel has a well-equipped guest rooms and entertainment facilities, leisure is the ideal place to stay---

  • Repow International Hotel

    Repow International Hotel

    Four-star Huangshan Tunxi Price:-

    Situated at the intersection of Yingbin Avenue and the Huihang Highway, Repow International Hotel (Ripu Guoji Dajiudian) is only a 10-minute drive from Huangshan Railway Station and Huang..

  • Hongta Hotel

    Hongta Hotel

    Four-star Huangshan Tunxi Price:-

    Huangshan's Hong Ta Hotel is a four-star hotel located in the Huangkou International Holiday Resort, near to Tunxi, 15km from the airport and five km from the railway station.The hot..

  • Huangshan Noahsark Hotel

    Huangshan Noahsark Hotel

    Preparatory Three-star Huangshan Tunxi Price:-

    The Huangshan Noahsark Hotel (Huangshan Nuoyafangzhou Dajiudian) is located in Tunxi district of Huangshan city. It offers restaurants, a large-sized parking lot, a 24-hour shop, shower,..

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