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Jinggangshan city, also known as Ciping, is located in the southwest of Jiangxi Province, near the border with Hunan. This remote region is famous in China as the area where a young Mao Zedong and other communist leaders set up the rural Jiangxi Soviet, an outpost against Nationalist (Guomindang) suppression. It was from here, after the People's Liberation Army troops, led by Zhu De and Zhou Enlai, fled here from Nanchang, that the epic Long March (1934-1936) was to begin. This group were to advance, harried by Guomindang troops and bandits, o­n a circuitous route through some of China's harshest regions, finally arriving in the little town of Yan'an, northern Shaanxi. It administers 21 towns and Subdistrict offices. It has a population of 149700 and an area of 1308.58 square kilometres.Jinggangshan is located in the Luoxian Mountains, in the remote border region between Jiangxi and Hunan provinces ..

Tips: Jinggangshan City Tourism Bureau Tel: 6552626,6552504 Jinggangshan Guide Service Centre (tourist information centres): 6556777 Tourism complaints Tel: 6552626 Shopping complaints: 12,315 Co..

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Jinggangshan Tourist Attractions

  • Huangyangjie


    IntroductionHuangyangjie-one of the five sentries in Jinggan Mountian, boasts the reputation that "If o­ne man guards the pass, ten thousand are unable to get through". Majestic and s..

  • Jinggangshan mountain

    Jinggangshan mountain

    IntroductionMount Jinggangshan is located in the border line of Hunan and Jiangxi Province, southwest of Jiangxi Province, in the middle section of Luoxiao Mountain, covering an area of ab..

  • Five Fingers Peak

    Five Fingers Peak

    IntroductionIt is 6 kilometers away from the northwest of Ciping and 1,586 meters high above the sea level, which combines natural sceneries with humane and cultural landscapes. As a deep ..

  • Ciping


    IntroductionSituated in the depths of the mountains, Ciping is reflected in the lakes and surrounded by green growths.Summer is not hot while winter is not cold. Rains are plentiful and a..

  • Dragon Pool Waterfall Group

    Dragon Pool Waterfall Group

    Brief IntroductionDragon Pool Waterfall Group is located in the north of Ciping.It has a fame of Eighteen Waterfalls.The Dragon Pool is famous for the numerous waterfalls,big falls and ele..

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  • Economic and Trade Building

    Economic and Trade Building

    Two-star or Less Jinggangshan Price:-

     Jinggangshan Trade Building (Jiangxi Jinggangshan economic cadres training center) in Ciping urban center, located in the eastern end of the bustling street goods, and food court, b..

  • Jing Tai Hotel

    Jing Tai Hotel

    Preparatory Four-star Jinggangshan Kanping Price:-

    The Jing Tai Hotel (Jinggangshan Jingtai Binguan) stands within close proximity of both highways on-ramps and railway stations making connections to your next destination a breeze. This Jin..

  • Jinggangshan Golden Leaf Building

    Jinggangshan Golden Leaf Building

    Three-star Jinggangshan Price:-

       China Golden Leaf Tobacco Jinggangshan tradition education base building is the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, Jiangxi Province Tobacco Monopoly Bureau investments, at thr..

  • Silver Star Hotel

    Silver Star Hotel

    Two-star or Less Jinggangshan Kanping Price:-

    The Silver Star Hotel (Yinxing Dajiudian) is situated on South Hongjun Road, Ciping, near the Jinggangshan Revolution Museum.On offer at this Jinggangshan hotel are the usual variety o..

  • Aoyuan Hotel

    Aoyuan Hotel

    Preparatory Three-star Jinggangshan Kanping Price:-

    The Aoyuan Hotel (Aoyuan Dajiudian) is situated within easy reach of Jianggangshan's bustling downtown commercial area and a bus station.This Jinggangshan hotel offers a great variety of ac..

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