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Zhejiang borders Jiangsu province and Shanghai municipality to the north, Anhui province to the northwest, Jiangxi province to the west, and Fujian province to the south; to the east is the East China Sea, beyond which lie the Ryukyu Islands of Japan.Zhejiang consists mostly of hills, which account for about 70% of its total area. Altitudes tend to be highest to the south and west, and the highest peak of the province, Huangyajian Peak (1921 m), is found in the southwest. Mountain ranges include the Yandang Mountains, Tianmu Mountains, Tiantai Mountains, and Mogan Mountains, which traverse the province at altitudes of about 200 to 1000 m.Valleys and plains are found along the coastline and rivers. The north of the province is just south of the Yangtze Delta, and consists of plains around the cities of Hangzhou, Jiaxing, and Huzhou, where the Grand Canal of China enters from the northern border to end at Hangzhou; anoth..

Tips: Hangzhou Railway Station :0571-87829418 Hangzhou East Railway Station :0571-56723456 Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport :0571-85154259 East Hangzhou Bus Station :0571-86948252 South Han..

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Zhejiang Tourist Attractions

  • Feiying Pagoda

    Feiying Pagoda

    IntroductionFeiying Pagoda is located in Huzhou City of Zhejiang Province at Chinese eastern coast. There is a delicately carved stone pagoda inside and a high brick-and-stone pagoda outsi..

  • Taihu Amusement Park

    Taihu Amusement Park

    IntroductionTaihu Amusement Park is a large-scale comprehensive amusement park, which covers an area of 120 thousand square meters and is the first choice for vacation and tourism in the E..

  • Qingliang Peak

    Qingliang Peak

    IntroductionQingliang Peak  located in Qingliang Peak National Nature Reserve , it is in west Lin’an. 27 stones gate of different styles appear in the Stone Great Water because of th..

  • Daqi Mountain National Forest Park

    Daqi Mountain National Forest Park

    IntroductionThe National Forest Park of Daqi Mountain faces the seat of Tonglu County across the Fuchun River, five kilometers south of the river bank. This park covers 700 hectares totall..

  • Fuyang


    IntroductionFuyang, also called as Fuchun in old times, o­nce o­ne of the thirty-six districts in Qin Dynasty, is located in the southwest of Hangzhou city. It has an area of 1,..

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Hotels in Popular Zhejiang

  • Zhaobaoshan Hotel

    Zhaobaoshan Hotel

    Four-star Ningbo Zhenhai Price:-

    Located at the foot of Zhaobao Mountain, the Zhaobaoshan Hotel (Zhaobaoshan Fandian) is 18 kilometers east of Ningbo.Featuring courtyard style, this Ningbo hotel houses various guestroom..

  • Yinyuan Grand Hotel

    Yinyuan Grand Hotel

    Four-star Tongxiang Price:-

    The Yinyuan Grand Hotel (Tongxiang Yinyuan Dajiudian) is located in Tongxiang County, about 2 kilometers from the bus station. This 16-story business hotel houses 142 rooms including del..

  • Lvyuan Holiday Inn

    Lvyuan Holiday Inn

    Four-star Zhoushan Putuoshan Price:-

    The Lvyuan Holiday Inn (Lvyuan shanzhuang) is located on the center of Putuoshan Island. It is within walking distance of the Thousand Step Beach, the post office, a shopping center an..

  • Relay Inn Hangzhou Hotel

    Relay Inn Hangzhou Hotel

    Two-star or Less Hangzhou Shangcheng Price:-

    Situated in Zhongdu Tower on Qingchun Road, the Relay Inn Hangzhou Hotel (Zhangzhou Xinyi Kuaijie Jiudian) is within walking distance of West Lake, Hangzhou's premier attraction. The Ha..

  • Leisure Hamlet Of Peach-Blossom Village

    Leisure Hamlet Of Peach-Blossom Village

    Two-star or Less Zhoushan Price:-

    The Leisure Hamlet of Peach-blossom Village (Taohuazhai Xiuxiancun) is located at the heartland of the Peach-Blossom Island. At present, the Island has opened many shipping routes Shenjia..

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