About Us

Introduction to Chinahotel

Established in 2004, Chinahotel provides the relevant tour information of 283 cities and the reservation services of about 1300 star hotels in China, promoting the innovation and development of Chinese on-line tourist industry. Depending on its convenient and strong-targeted internal searching engines, Chinahotel provides users the latest and most reliable tourist information as well as the hotel prices comparison and inquiry features.

Our Services

Chinahotel provides the profile of your tour destination, the natural landscapes and cultural attractions, the information of Central Business District, weather broadcasting, maps, travel tips, holiday hotel reservations and other travel-relevant information services.

Chinahotel is an online tool aiming at encouraging users to participate in the social travelling. The more you participate in it, the more benefits you will gain. Through the sharing and discussion of the tour products, more and more tour amateurs find out their own needs and share the happiness during their tours.

Surehigh International Technology Group is an overall services and information solutions provider, focusing on the tourism. Over the years we have been engaged in the online booking services of hotels.

We have accumulated the mature software development skills and industrial Know-How. We have seen them as our goals that we should grow with those enterprises, support the needs in each stage to help the integration of the overall resources.

About Us

We provide the tour-relevant industries [hotels, travel agencies, restaurants, reservation centers, airline industry] the most outstanding and professional information systems and e-commerce mechanism. Now it has become a most distinguishing technical Group in the Chinese residential countries or districts, assisting the implementation of e-commerce network, and taken the highest share of the system.